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[Interview] Kirsty Chadwick, Group CEO, TTRO, South Africa

Kirsty Chadwick, a citizen of New Zealand, puts to work her passion for education and the technology at her disposal to create innovative, cost effective and fully customised e-learning solutions.

Could you introduce your company?

The Training Room Online (TTRO) is an organisation I founded in 2008, one of passionate and talented individuals whom, enabled through learning technologies, design and develop human-centered solutions that transform citizens, communities, companies and countries.

We believe in driving educational change through lifelong learning solutions that combine powerful learning strategies, immersive technologies and learning methodologies to deliver relevant competencies that upskill and empower people for now and for the future.

Where is TTRO located?

We’re in South Africa - Cape Town & Johannesburg; United Arab Emirates – Dubai, Saudi Arabia – Riyadhand Dhahran and in London, UK.

Who are your clients?

TTRO has clients within both the public and private sector. Working at a National level with Department/Ministries of Education, Labour, Government Employees as well as large scale corporations and academic institutions.

What are USPs of TTRO?

We provide a holistic service to our clients from strategy through to execution and implementation, with thought leadership and vision on what the future of learning will be.Our end to end capabilities in designing and developing digital and blended learning solutions extends from e-learning, animation, video production, gamification, augmented and virtual reality, blended learning programs and next generation learning platforms.

How is the organisation funded?

We have a mixed funding model, combination of debt and investor financing.  We are currently in discussions with impact investors for a capitalraise to our 5-year strategy and exponential growth plans.

What are the ambitions of the organisation?

Our clients have reacted positively to our overall approach, care for impact and results in the solutions we provide, and we are retaining our customers with the quality of our service. We are working to further expand into emerging and developing markets – in the short term within Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. Our focus 2019 will be to extend the core of what we do as an organization, and further develop and deploy large scale national initiatives with our clients and partners.

What does TTRO need to flourish?

Great talent, partners and investors who believe and share in our Vision and potential to be an exponential organization, creating significant impact for citizens, communities, companies and countries in the markets we serve.


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