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[Interview] Kannan Ramasamy, CEO, Clayfin

In the rapidly evolving digital world, Clayfin has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the provision of digital banking experience solutions key in helping banks craft digital experiences that enrich customer life journeys.  

The company’s CEO Kannan Ramasamy in an interview with Africa Business Communities discusses the all-important- role of technology in the 21st operations of the banking sector, the nexus between bank customers and technology and the company’s expected forays into Africa.

Would you please introduce your company?

Clayfin is a provider of digital banking experience solutions that help banks craft new customer experiences and thereby reimagine the way they connect with their customers.  We add value to our client banks by crafting customer journeys and experiences that grow revenues and realize improved efficiency through digitization.

Clayfin’s products are designed to offer distinctive digital experiences across retail, SME and corporate customers. Clayfin has been operating in the omnichannel digital banking channels space since 2000, with focus on the Middle East and Indian markets, and later expanding to Africa.

According to you, what strategies should banks adopt to be updated with the changing times, in terms of digital banking technology?

As banks go through digitization in a commoditized market, their biggest challenge will be to enhance their position by developing a differentiated customer experience consistent with their marketing strategy and branding position.

One approach to consider is to develop unified and seamless experience which is ‘Simple’ and ‘Relevant’ to their customer. To elaborate – be part of the customer journey and offer specific service requirement which is needed at that moment.

Simplicity in design should set the stage for efficient self-service. Relevance of offering will help Banks to increase cross sell and upsell opportunities in line with customer journeys. Thus, with the help of advanced technologies banks can craft differentiated customer experience in alignment with their marketing position.

What disruptive technologies do you feel banks need to look out for in 2018?

Digital banking will no longer be operating in the realm of a channel. As we move into “Banking without Interfaces”, the power of technologies will help develop an ultra-personalized customer experience that will be seamless.

The possibilities will be limited by the imagination of banks to craft experience based on the user stories. We will see innovations in Analytics, AI, Onboarding, Blockchain and P2P Lending to name a few.

What is your take on the use of data in improving customer experience?

Enough said. Data plays a critical role in enhancing customer experience. But still, many banks haven’t yet defined their use of data to optimize their business. Banks are sitting on a potential goldmine.

Come to think of it, most interactions in society do tend to constitute a financial element and these finally lead back to the bank itself. Imagine the insights Banks could churn about their customers! Each customer’s context is different, and Banks can use this data to analyze an individual’s lifestyle and create personalized experiences by providing real-time responses to a customer with offers or services that are meaningful and timely.

Becoming digital and data savvy will be the way for banks to extend their commitment to becoming an advisor and financial consultant to their customers.

How does Clayfin help banks craft ultra-personalized digital experiences that enrich customer life journeys?

At Clayfin, we work with a simple goal in mind: craft banking and financial solutions that everyone in the world would love to use. To do this, we will fuse together technology and creativity to simplify and optimize the end-user experience.

We shift the conversation with our client banks beyond technology and focus on crafting reimagined customer experiences that help them differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Our digital banking experience solutions are crafted to help banks achieve this goal by being part of their customers’ world and offer contextual customer experiences. To take an example: our product Dateline calendarizes and presents the customer with a simplified and singular view of events such as Reminders, Bill Payments, Investments and even to the extent of social media events which may convert to a financial event.

Thus, allowing them to transact without going through a myriad of banking services.


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