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[Interview] Eric Vondee, Founder, My Home Teacher, Ghana

Eric Vondee is the Ghanaian entrepreneur that founded, in 2015, a company dedicated to brining education into Ghanaian homes through private tutoring on demand.

Would you introduce the company please?

My Home Teacher is an enterprise designed to provide parents with qualified tutors to teach their wards at home. The goal here is providing an effective teaching and learning atmosphere for students (between ages 7-18) from Primary, Junior High and Senior High School within the comfort of their homes. We operate in Accra, Ghana.

Who are your clients?

Mostly Middle-to-Higher Income parents with wards between 7-18.

What is the best selling point of My Home Teacher?

One uniqueness is the one-on-one teacher-student dynamic it creates. My Home Teacher bridges the gap of the high number of student-to-teacher ratio in our schools. Students that are properly engaged tend to have their entrepreneurial skills awoken faster and more efficiently. Graduates and students in higher institutions who may want to earn an income through teaching would also find this business quite lucrative. 

How has the Ghanaian market responded to My Home Teacher?

As of today we're creating jobs for young Ghanaians and improving the lives of young students academically. We've got over 500 teachers on our database awaiting employment, with over 30 teacers currently employed. My Home Teacher has chalked a number of successes nationally. The company won the Best Education Startup of the Year and Student Startup of thhe Year Awards at the 2017 Ghana Startup Awards. It also won the Best Novelty Project in June 2016 and Special Education Resource Award in August 2017.

What are the growth plans of the company?

In the short term, My Home Teacher seeks to extend its services to all the regions of Ghana by having more teachers and parents willing to patronize the opportunity. In the next 5-10 years, it is our hope of automating the connection of parents to teachers. On the part of the parents, it would ensure a fast and convenient way of finding a teacher in their locality. It would also allow parents to review the teacher’s background and competence in the field of teaching.

In the long term, we are looking to extend our borders to other African countries.

What does My Home Teacher need to grow and prosper?

Our problems are mostly associated with marketing, but we are making changes to develop our marketing strategies; we will increase marketing channels by creating awareness, interest and gaining a higher share through advertisements and social media marketing. My Home Teacer intends to develop students entrepreneurial skills by training students to be problem-solvers witin their community this year, 2019.


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