[Interview] Emmanuel Pere Frey, Managing Partner, Eventrade, Nigeria
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Emmanuel Pere Frey is current Managing Partner of design company, Eventrade Limited.

His interview with Nigeria Business Communities:

Please introduce Eventrade

Eventrade Limited is a Design Company that has metamorphosed through different stages over the years. We started out as a Hot Shop serving the creative needs of clients and agencies and later delved into prints and branding. Whilst offering branding services to our retail clients we saw the need to provide proper shopfitting services and therefore created a department to handle production. This department is now a subsidiary that handles joinery works.

In which industries does Eventrade operate and who are your clients?

We have operations in Print & Packaging, Advertising & Branding, Interior Designs and Construction. Some companies we have worked with are Food Concepts Plc., owners of Chicken Republic, Ice Cream Factory, Montaigne Limited – Exclusive agents to Clarins and Blackup, Tranter International, Deep Offshore Community Affairs Group, Petrobras and a number of others.

What are the USP’s of your business?

QQA - Quality Delivery, Quick Turnaround and Access 24/7.

Why did you start Eventrade?

As a young student, I hated the idea of the routine life I had to live. Waking up at a certain time, getting dressed in my uniform and heading off to school at about the same time every day, five days a week. I knew I had to stop this as soon as possible, so I never imagined myself sit at a desk in a company owned by another and going through that same life of routine. I just cannot handle the routine life…a client once referred to me as being eccentric (in a good way I hope).

What did you do before starting Eventrade?

While studying for a degree in Zoology I did some trading and eventually taught myself how to use the computer for basic office work and how to create with design softwares. I was a freelance graphic artist trading under the name Bristan Production. This I did until Eventrade was founded.

What can be done by entrepreneurs and government to stimulate the business environment in Nigeria?

On the part of entrepreneurs we need to be more dedicated to producing quality goods and services. Many tradesmen and craftsmen have the attitude of being okay with mediocrity and this becomes a great problem when sourcing for workers to help actualize one’s vision. The Government on its part needs to make setting up a business easier. There is a need to review (1) tax laws for start-ups, (2) monetary policies and (4) industrial policies. Such reviews will help attract foreign investors and create exponential growth of indigenous companies.

What are the advantages of doing business in Sub-Sahara Africa?

For me the best part actually arises from its deficiency. The ‘Ease of Doing Business’ rankings for 2015 shows Sub-Sahara Africa as the most difficult place to do business. Out of the top 50 countries where it is best to do business, we have just 3 African countries. At the bottom 50 of the index there are 33 African countries. Nigeria Ranks 170th out of 189 countries indexed. My thinking is that any entrepreneur who can build a successful business under these difficult circumstances can probably do well in any other environment. Call it an Entrepreneurs’ Boot Camp, if you will.

What can you say about the plans and targets of Eventrade in the last quarter of 2015?

Nigeria earns most of its revenue from oil. The drop in international oil price has resulted in a weakened Naira and driven up inflation. These are indeed austere times. In addressing this issue we are offering end of year discount on all services and goods starting from October 1st and hopefully we should end the year with satisfactory results.  

Do you believe Social Media and the Internet to be a plus to the business environment, as it applies to your industry?

Definitely. Strong Social Media and Internet presence keeps companies relevant in the larger scheme of things. Recently we were contacted by a client in Warri, Delta State (who saw our work online) and ordered shopfitting for a luxury perfume shop. We have transacted many other businesses, locally and internationally, over the internet without ever meeting physically. Content and management is key to making a success of online presence.





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