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[Interview] Charles Henry Ngueuga, Regional Sales Manager for Africa, Fico Tonbeller, Germany

Charles Henry Ngueuga is a multilingual finance professional and Associate Partner at Fico Tonbeller, Germany. Charles will participate at the Amsterdam Business Networking Event on March 8.

Would you please introduce Fico Tonbeller?

Fico TONBELLER is a leading provider of integrated IT solutions for Governance, Risk and Compliance. Based on the Siron® product family, we develop and implement standardized and individual solutions against financial and white-collar crime. This expertise helps organizations comply with regulations in accordance with the company's strategy and its efficient risk management and secures competitive advantages. Our applications prove their efficiency at more than 1,000 customers in more than 90 countries worldwide. 

In which industries does Fico Tonbeller operate and who are your clients?

We operate mainly in financial services, and fully address the needs of compliance and risk officers. Our clients are banks, insurances, and corporates but can also be governments or regulators.

Why should companies and governments decide to refer to the services you provide?

With our automated solutions we would like to support the different stakeholders in overcoming their regulatory challenges. Dealing with customers or third parties always comes with a certain amount of risk. It is crucial to know who you are dealing with. We want to assist in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of due diligence processes so that they can focus on the core part of their business.

You will be participating in the Africa Business Communities Networking Event in Amsterdam on March 8. With whom would you be most interested in connecting, in terms of networking?

We would mainly be interested in connecting with financial service providers or money transfer agents. But we are also looking for corporates having partners in Africa. We want to discuss how we can help them overcome their compliance challenges, whether it concerns business partner due diligence topics, anti-money laundering or counter-terrorism financing issues.

What would you want other participants to contact you for?

We want to be contacted to share our existing experiences with statutory requirements in Africa and how our solution can effectively support the participants' business in the fast-paced and fast-growing economy that Africa represents today.

What can you say about the targets and ambitions of Fico Tonbeller for 2016?

We aim to be THE trusted advisor for our clients and seek to be THE market leading solution provider when it comes to compliance and fighting financial crime in Africa. We want to inform and perform locally to achieve this goal. We are planning to organize local workshops on the topic of regulatory compliance and will be attending events like the networking event in Amsterdam. We would like to deliver tangible results in our existing client base and make them a valuable reference for us.

Which African countries do you predict will perform best in 2016?

Nigeria, for the sheer size of its population, representing a huge market.

Ghana because of its “Vison 2020” program, increasing private investment and developing an aggressive industrialization.

Ivory Coast will do well too. They have seen an impressive amount of foreign investment poured in the country.




Africa Business Communities Networking Event 

Tuesday 8 March 2016

5:00 - 7:00 PM 
Amstel Hotel | Amsterdam | The Netherlands

After great editions in HamburgLagos and Accra the Africa Business Communities Networking Event is returning to Amsterdam!

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