[Interview] Bako Ambianda, Chairman and CEO, Labacorp Group Limited, Cameroon
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Labacorp Group has built a name and legacy in key economic sectors spanning real estate, agribusiness, manufacturing and construction among others. It oversees the activities of nine wholly owned-majority owned operating member companies, and manages the assets and liabilities of the member companies without directly doing business as an entity

It has a foothold in Africa, Middle East and North America with plans to extend to other sectors and markets.

Bako Ambianda the company’s founder and CEO talked to Africa Business Communities on the operations of the company, the success stories and the ambitions moving forward.

 What does your company do?

Labacorp Group, is a diversified holding company with operating subsidiaries in manufacturing, construction, power, real estate, agribusiness, and exhibitions. Labacorp Group of companies have strong track record of operational excellence, board involvement, deep sectors expertise in Africa with an extensive global network.

Labacorp Group overseeing the activities of nine wholly owned-majority owned operating member companies, and simply manages the assets and liabilities of the member companies without directly doing business as an entity.

These member companies include Labacorp Industries (principal subsidiary) - engage in manufacturing, importing, assembling and distribution in various sectors; Labacorp Expositions - fair organizers & promoters; Labacorp Properties - owns agricultural farms in Cameroon; Labacorp Construction - road & building construction alliance company; Global Attain Advancement (GAA) - trade show, publishing, and trade missions company with 36 events under its portfolio;  Labacorp Worldwide d/ba (AfriWAPA™)  - trade marketing and pavilion company; Labacorp Technologies - provider of smart technologies, Labacorp Resources - engage in natural resources activities in Texas, Congo & Cameroon, Labacorp Advertising - digital advertising solutions; Labacorp Power Solutions - full scale solar development company; and Labacorp General Trading, .       

 Where is the company located?

Our global headquarters are in Yaoundé, Cameroon. We also have our North America offices in Austin Texas, our African branch at Abuja Lagos and Middle East headquarters at Dubai.

 Who are the owners/shareholders of the company?

Labacorp Group is privately owned by Bako Ambianda who is the Group Chairman.

The group is backed by five hareholders of its subsidiaries. The group serves as the principal holding company for Bako Ambianda business ventures & investments

 What are your company’s Unique Selling Points?

Since its inception, the Group utilizes detailed selection criteria to identify optimum opportunities to invest and/or establish ventures for the long term. The Group takes active leadership roles in key sectors in economic development and focus on creating long lasting partnerships with high ROI.

 Who are your clients?

Through various operations of the group subsidiaries, our clients include private, governments & organizations.

 What are the ambitions of the company?

 Together with its subsidiaries and partner companies, the Group has serious ambitious agenda for Africa in the following areas:

Provide technologies that address some of Africa's most critical challenges around power, safety, security, productivity, transportation, and urbanization. Co-invest in real estate assets, such as warehouses, flats, and commercial offices in Africa.

Manufacture and import textile, agricultural, construction, & transportation machinery. Source high demand agricultural & textile products from different countries in Africa to export. Establish an Africa-global accelerator, incubator, investment company, and co-working space.

The Group is committed to developments and creating a memorable and positive difference in Africa, with operations mainly in key sectors that drive growth and economic development. The Labacorp family is an entrepreneurial organization that is driven to grow, committed to the future of Africa, and realizing our full potential to become a household brand in Africa.

 What is the latest news from your company?

Through the group subsidiary, Labacorp Industries which is committed to the contribution of Africa’s manufacturing sector to the continent’s gross and marketing of Africa Free Trade Zones, & Industrial Zones.

The group has recently signed an MOU with two major Texas's companies to operate manufacturing facilities in Central Africa, contributing to prosperity by supporting industrial progress in Africa.

Through the group subsidiary, Global Attain Advancement (GAA), the group has recently signed partnerships with national governments, development institutions, & world-class businesses including Uniek Equity & Trust Limited, A.V.A, First African Investment Holding, Adamant Investment Group, & more for the 2018 edition of the Africa Trade & Investment Global Summit (ATIGS) scheduled to be held in Washington D.C on June 24-26, 2018 with attendance projection of over 2,000 participants from more than 70 countries.

Through the group subsidiary, Labacorp Power Solutions, the group recently partnered with EPIcenter for a $74 million project - transforming a historic power plant in San Antonio, Texas into a world-class center with five (5) elements: think tank, incubator, fabrication laboratory, exhibit space, and a conference center – all focuseon new energy innovation. Founders CPS Energy, Landis+Gyr, Silver Spring Networks, and OCI Solar.



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