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[Interview] Ayodeji Ayorinde, Co-founder, Artisankonect, Nigeria

Artisankonect is a Nigerian startup that helps outsource user requests to skilled persons. Africa Business Communities chats with Ayodeji Ayorinde, one of the founders.

Could you tell us about the company?

Artisankonect started out as an idea to help connect people with Artisans. We found it difficult to locate carpenters or electricians in a new area, for example, to help us fix our furniture or build a new bed frame for us, and meet basic electrical needs. Now imagine having a platform that helps you connect with a carpenter nearby right on your phone. Artisankonect was launched in 2021 and within the first three months of operation, we were able to onboard 500 users and artisans. We are working now to expand to other states (we're currently in Lagos) in Nigeria like Port Harcourt, Enugu, Edo and Kano to help connect clients with artisans. 

What industries do you service? 

Since our product is based on outsourcing requests posted by users to skilled people in that category, we can't seem to focus on a particular industry because all industries come together to make Artisankonect.

What is the strategy for growing Artisankonect in the short and long term?

In terms of the company's growth, we are planning to increase our database of skilled people and also help connect users who find it difficult to locate skilled people nearby. In the long term we are working to expand to other African countries like Ghana, Kenya and South Africa within the next 5 to10 years.

How do you perceive the 2023 elections will impact local business and the economy, if at all?

This year's elections will affect local businesses due to lockdowns; and the fluctuation of the Naira caused by the introduction of new notes aimed at curbing vote buying could also hurt SMEs.

Which African countries do you predict will perform best economically in 2023?

I would say Mauritius and Rwanda. Both African countries are gaining popularity, with Mauritius as one of the continent's most successful nations and more people keep moving there for business purposes.

How will Africa develop as a knowledge economy in 2023 and how can companies contribute?

Companies can play a big part in the development of Africa by investing their resources in infrastructure and education. Corporate organizations also need to make certain that their policies support innovations and creativity, while investing in their staff and leveraging resources to accommodate the change we need to develop our continent.

What are the opportunities for Agribusiness and Agritech in Africa in 2023?

With over 60% of the population in Africa into Agriculture, we need more innovation to help improve efficiency and profitability. If we make that a priority, the opportunities are enormous.


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