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[Interview] Anne Wambui Gaitha, CEO, Regal Africa, Kenya

Anne Wambui Gaitha is an investment and financial services professional. She founded Regal Africa in 2015. Located at Top Plaza, 4th floor, Kindaruma Road, Kilimani, Nairobi, the company provides diverse financial services in East Africa.

Could you introduce your company?

Regal Africa Group is a diversified Financial Service Group that offers financial, advisory and real estate services to businesses, individuals, institutions and Governments in East Africa to help them achieve their financial goals. The advisory services we offer include financial, investment and strategic advise. We are now expanding our product offering by using technology to offer the best financial products and services to the women and youth of Africa.

What are the company’s Unique Selling Points?

We currently offer bespoke advisory service to our clients to ensure they reach their financial goals. We believe that everyone is different and that the best financial solutions for everyone are unique. Beyond offering bespoke services, we are now starting to use technology by setting up an online platform that will inform, educate and facilitate the uptakes of the best financial and investment options in the market and this is quite beneficial to the mass market as they are able to make more informed financial decisions along side a trusted financial partner.

How is the company funded?

We initially funded the company through savings which i had put aside from my salary during my career in corporate. As the company is growing and looking toscale up beyond the East Africa market, we are beginning to look at different sources of capital that fit well with our expansion strategy.

How has the East African market responded to your services?

The market has responded in an interesting way, on one hand we have many inquiries about business advisory and wealth creation advise and therefore their is a need in the market and people are interested in taking up our services but they has been a challenge in clients paying for advisory fees at a premium price. Based on feedback and research, we have now expanded our

What are the growth plans of Regal Africa?

We are currently serving clients in East Africa and the COMESA region, but we have ambitions to be a re known Africa brand with operations in all regions on the African continent and we will then be able to go global and have offices in the major international financial centers i.e London, New York, Dubai and Singapore. 

We recently expanded into new projects in South Africa which is in the COMESA area from our previous focus in the East Africa region. This year, we will also launch our online platforms that will inform, educate and facilitate the uptake of the best financial and investment products and services in the marketplace. We also recently established a partnership with a South African fintech company called Strider, with whom we will collaborate by offering financial courses on our online academy to our clients in East Africa.

What does the company need to grow and prosper?

We currently need funding to set up the online platform that would be able to cater to the mass market covering the growing SMEs and growing middle class in Africa. Beyond fundng, our business model is to be the best financial interemediary, as we connect our clients to the best financial and investment products and services in the market, therefore what we need is more collaborative partners who see our value in marketing their products and facilitating the uptake of them.

What is the latest news from Regal Africa?

The company just launched the EastGold brand which will use technology to offer our services to the masses for free or at an affordable cost. We look forward to assisting all our clients to create wealth and to be part of the Africa Development story. Regal Africa will continue to be innovative by using technology and data analysis in our product offerings and we will continue to grow the ecosystem in Nairobi which continues to grow into the de facto Business and Financial hub of Africa.


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