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[Startup Interview] Adedokun Muhammed-Ali Adedeji, Founder, Brightcloud Automobile, Nigeria

Adedokun Muhammed-Ali Adedeji is a Nigerian innovator, entrepreneur and logistics manager. A green mobility advocate, Adedokun is the founder of  Brightcloud Automotive.

Please tell us about your company.

I started Brightcloud Automobile in 2017, incorporated in 2018. We are a startup that aims at revolutionizing African automobility by providing clean energy alternatives through the production of electric vehicles, electric bikes, power bikes, energy storage systems, solar panels and other renewable energy solutions. Our factory will be sited in the capital city of Oyo state, Ibadan, with offices and showrooms across the country.

How is the company funded?

At the moment I alone am responsible for the financing. I work with a group of young innovators and we have partners home and abroad that are leading OEM figures in the automotive industry. Inaccessibility to sustainable funds remains a challenge that mitigates our project but we remain committed to expansion once the required funds are available.

What are the company’s Unique Selling Points?

We believe in a future of possibilities where mobility will be carbon neutral and environmental friendly. We are accelerating Africa’s mobility to sustainable energy with carbon neutral means of transportation.
Every aspect of our car design has been carefully crafted for best user experience with simplicity, efficiency, durability, strength, safety and sustainability and most importantly, our vehicles are indigenously made here in Africa, by Africans, for the world. That's the watchword.

How has the market in Nigeria responded to your services?

After a short market survey, we found that 52% of those interviewed were interested in the project and looked forward to owning at least one of our vehicles, with another 20% also interested but withheld by their financial limitations. This tells us that it is a welcome idea despite the challenges in our country.

What are the ambitions of Brightcloud Automotive?

Becoming a leading, trusted and dependable automobile producer with high-end technology, safe and user friendly, while making transportation fun and comfortable with sustainable energy and zero tolerance for environmental pollution. We also aim to dominate the Nigerian automobile market, the African and the Middle-Eastern markets at large.

What does your company need to thrive and prosper?

Being a startup, the major setback we have faced and continue to face is the lack of finance to kickstart the project from design stage to prototype and full production. Funding and an experienced management team endued into the company will not only lead to the growth of the company but to her prosperity.

What is the latest update from the company?

We are rounding up with the design process of our first model, which is an electric SUV and pickup truck on a modular platform, specifically designed and built for African roads. Once the design has been completed and the required funds are available, we intend to move on to prototyping and consequently commercial production.


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