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[Interivew] Maria Morapedi, Director of eTree Courses, UK

Africa Business Communities interviews Maria Morapedi, Director of elearning platform for African corporate businesses, eTree Courses.

Would you please introduce eTree Courses?

eTree Courses is a one-stop shop e-learning platform offering quality educational and professional courses. eTree Courses was established having recognized the need to contribute to closing the knowledge and digital skills gap in Africa.

We are working with establishment e-learning partners across the globe with international recognition to bring quality accredited courses to our clients. With the rise of mobile technology a platform such as ours can bring e-learning to better use whilst reducing the cost of commuting,  working in remote areas, and lost man hours at work among other prohibitives associated with  undertaking structured training.

Is the program publicly or privately funded?

The courses are offered through our selection of established elearning partners and can either be privately or publicly funded.

What do these courses offer, and to whom?

The courses are for those with access to internet and who want to gain new knowledge and those wanting to advance or specialize in a particular area of discipline or otherwise referred to as professional development.
When do these courses commence, and who can access them?

The course are offered throughout the year and information is available online.  Our partners have extensive list of courses available online to enable candidates to learn anywhere where internet where there is internet connectivity.

What makes these courses necessary for higher learning?

Programs offered are geared towards personal development, candidates will have the opportunity to read peer review before they start a course and in most cases have a overview. This gives the candidates the assurance of the material and content offered. There is also the added benefit of knowing that our partners offer credible courses through top universities and accredited courses. Candidates can expect to learn with short courses of up to 6 weeks, or pursue a degree course.

Who can sign up for eTree Courses, and how?

Courses are open to organizations and individuals desiring to train/educate their staff or themselves, the courses are offered in English.

At eTree Courses we are also continuing to increase our course offerings by joining forces with new business partners and would welcome training providers who offer high quality accredited courses with international appeal.




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