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There are millions of teenagers who surf the net, most of them for one particular reason: to get connected with people online.

They do so to build friendships, fix relationships or propose to one another. Such sites are known as social networking sites, which are now more common than the business ones.

No doubt, the business websites will overshadow the social sites when it comes in numbers, but there are maximum people who can count the latter on their fingertips but fail to even name at least 10 business sites.

Now, how will such sites help the prosperity of business? It's an important question to ask.
Well, if a business website has the gateway of the social sites namely Face book, Twitter, MySpace and many more, then it will at least manage to draw people and force them to spend maximum time on it.

Nowadays, the popularity of social sites is far exceeds that of business sites, and if you are a smart business dealer then you will definitely pick your adopt your strategies accordingly. Say, if a user wants to access the social site then he or she would type the URL and will get into it. But if he fails to login directly, then there are chances of him looking the other way. Either he will make use of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and many like them, or he may look for websites that give a direct gateway for entry.

In this way, if your website hits the top list of search engines, then the user would select the webpage, at least not for business purpose but for online friendship. When the visitor does so, then there are chances for him to spend maximum time on the webpage and while surfing the social site he would at least take a look at the business page too.

So, next time you hand over your website to get it constructed, you want to make sure the web company provides social networking sites along with other web design services. The site not only helps to draw visitors but also makes them to take a look at the business that you are in.

Isaac Twumasi-Quantus is Webmaster, Editor @Africa Business Communities in Ghana.

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