[BLOG] Consumers and the Internet in Africa
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In less than two years, the bandwidth of traffic on Internet services provided in Africa has doubled.

Africa is now experiencing superior quality Internet services that come at a higher speed and that will provide for more comfort on the Internet; including improved flow in the downloading of pages and quicker downloads of information, navigation, reception of e-mails, teleconferences and multi-media services.

The quality of Internet services provided to the public, because it determines the speed of downloading pages, notably from servers based in Europe or the United States, and at bottom line, as this number is increased, the more comfortable your use of the Internet gets.

Bandwidth of Internet traffic to and fro has been increasing at a booming speed.

Internet use in Africa has also been extended beyond the capital cities with impressive telecom infrastructure been created.

As prices for broadband installation and services rapidly are going down, a bigger segment of the population uses the Internet at work and at home.

The real boom in Internet reaching a large part of the African populace is however attributed to Africa’s large and ever-growing number of telecentres or cybercafes, which combine telephone and fax services with Internet renting at a low price.

Renting a computer connected to the web normally does not cost much for an hour. Uses vary from e-mail communication to news reading, chatting, games and multi-media usage, and costumers include almost all social layers.


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