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[ChatGPT Biography] Ashish Thakkar, Founder Mara Group

Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm. As an experiment, Africa Business Communities is publishing a series of 100 biographies of the most successful entrepreneurs in Africa. We only ask the questions and let ChatGPT write. We publish the results unedited - just to learn and see what Artificial Intelligence can bring us in its rapid development.

Today we let ChatGPT write the biography of Ashish Thakkar


Ashish Thakkar is a Ugandan-born entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist who is widely recognized for his contributions to the African business landscape. He is the founder and CEO of Mara Group, a diversified investment company that operates in over 25 African countries and focuses on strategic investments in key sectors of the African economy.

Thakkar was born in 1981 in Kampala, Uganda, to a family of Indian origin. His family moved to the UK in 1993 due to political instability in Uganda, and Thakkar began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 15 by selling computers to his schoolmates. He later dropped out of school to focus on his business activities and established Mara Group in 1996, initially as a small IT services company.

Under Thakkar's leadership, Mara Group has undergone significant growth and transformation, expanding into various sectors of the African economy, including manufacturing, real estate, and hospitality, among others. The company has also become a leading player in the African tech industry, with interests in mobile technology, fintech, and e-commerce.

Thakkar is also a committed philanthropist and has been actively involved in various charitable initiatives in Africa. He established the Mara Foundation in 2009, a social enterprise that provides mentorship, training, and funding to young entrepreneurs across Africa. The foundation's programs have reached over one million young entrepreneurs across the continent, providing them with the tools and resources they need to grow and scale their businesses.

In addition to his business and philanthropic activities, Thakkar has also been actively involved in various initiatives to promote economic development and entrepreneurship in Africa. He is a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Africa and has been recognized for his contributions to business and entrepreneurship with several awards, including the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the 2012 Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship.

Today, Ashish Thakkar continues to be a leading figure in African business and philanthropy, and his contributions have earned him widespread recognition and respect. He is widely regarded as a champion of African entrepreneurship and economic development, and his vision for a prosperous and sustainable Africa continues to inspire generations of entrepreneurs and business leaders across the continent.


according to Forbes' Billionaires List in 2021, Ashish Thakkar’s net worth was estimated at $1.4 billion. It's worth noting that the majority of his wealth comes from his investments through Mara Group and his other business ventures.

About Mara Group

Mara Group is a diversified investment company founded by Ashish Thakkar in 1996. The company operates in over 25 African countries and is focused on strategic investments in key sectors of the African economy, including manufacturing, real estate, technology, and hospitality.

Mara Group has a wide range of business interests and operates through various subsidiaries and affiliates, including Mara Phones, which is a smartphone manufacturing company that produces affordable and high-quality smartphones for the African market. The company also has a significant presence in the hospitality sector through its Mara Hospitality division, which operates hotels and resorts across Africa.

Mara Group is also active in the technology sector, with interests in mobile technology, fintech, and e-commerce. The company's tech-focused subsidiary, Mara X, provides affordable smartphones and mobile technology solutions for the African market. Additionally, Mara Online is an e-commerce platform that provides a range of products and services to customers across Africa.

In addition to its proprietary investments, Mara Group is committed to promoting entrepreneurship and economic development in Africa. The company's philanthropic arm, the Mara Foundation, provides mentorship, training, and funding to young entrepreneurs across Africa, helping them to grow and scale their businesses.

Mara Group's commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices has earned it widespread recognition and numerous awards, including the 2019 Environmental and Social Governance Award at the London Stock Exchange's Africa Advisory Group Awards.

Overall, Mara Group is a key player in the African business landscape, with a diversified portfolio of investments and a commitment to promoting economic development and entrepreneurship across the continent.


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