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[CEO Interview] Aubrey Swanepoel, CEO, Pfortner South Africa

Aubrey Swanepoel is CEO of Pfortner, a secure communications development company that provides technology, systems and consulting services.

Could you introduce your company?

Pfortner develops secure communications solutions that protect the privacy and integrity of our customer’s critical communciations. We eliminate concerns around email interception, private and secure Instant Messaging, secure file sharing and encrypted voice communications.

Where is Pfortner located and how is it funded?

Our offices are in Centurion, South Africa. Pfortner is owned and funded by the Pfortner TEAM.

Who are your clients what are the company’s Unique Selling Point?

We patented STEALTH VPN technology in 2010 and have leveraged that base to address private and confidential business communications requirements.

Our clients include Barclays, Grant Thornton, First National Bank, PwC.

What are the ambitions of Pfortner?

To have the entire Pfortner TEAM debt free and expand glabally (we’re in 15 countries at present). We also aim to positively impact one billion lives each year.

What is the latest news from Pfortner?

We’re now protecting confidential patient information for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital in partnership with T-Systems South Africa.

Who should contact Pfortner, and why?

Anyone who is worried about someone unlawfully accessing their email, WhatsApp messages of phone call … we can help with this!



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