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This week Africa Business Communities brings you this interview with Aldo van Tonder, CEO at FOXit (Pty) Ltd. Project and portfolio management has a critical role to play in sustaining operations within the mining sector – and it bodes well for the South African economy that decision makers understand this and place a premium on service delivery and support.

This is the view of management directing FOXit, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and service provider focused on Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) in business.

Please tell us about your business and what you do?

"FOXit (Pty) LTD is a South African established national provider of solutions, service and support focused on project and portfolio management in business. We specialize in Project & Portfolio Management Solutions, the design, implementation, consultation and support of the automation of project and portfolio management processes and solutions, Business Productivity Solution, Microsoft SharePoint Solutions, Mining Solutions, specialist product and consulting services to South Africa’s mining industry and related industries, Advanced Technology Solutions (consulting and implementation of world-class, leading-edge developed products and solutions). Solutions are based on the Microsoft Business Productivity Stack. The company continues to harness its expertise, experience and technology know-how to refine cloud-based Enterprise Project Management (EPM) services to empower business across a number of industries. The company is serious about its stance as a progressive, multi-dimensional service provider that openly challenges the norms that define technology service acquisition and investment".

How does your business fit into development agenda your country?

"We strongly believe in skills development for the future.  We are currently involved in a company called Teach2Teach.  Teach2Teach is an organisation that equips teachers at underprivileged schools with the necessary skill sets to help them perform their duties and this, ultimately, helps to ‘add a brick or two’ to the foundation of an educated country.  The organisation takes a hands-on approach and trains the teachers on-site, in the classroom. This dedication to hand-over-hand training achieves the best possible results. Teach2Teach is currently working closely with the Itumeleng Lethabong Pre-school and is using this project as a beta-test situation to ensure that its approach and methodology achieves results.  They do this by providing advice, on-the-job training and support to teachers, many of whom are not adequately qualified or trained".  

What’s the next key  aspect of your business you’re working on right now?

"'KnowledgeWedge' How often have you attended a comprehensive training course only to find yourself paging through the course material days later trying to figure out how you did something?  The simple fact is that the amount of knowledge transferred is so much, that it is a struggle to internalise all of it. Ideally you would want the same information in small bites, making it easier for you to comprehend and remember for future use. Wouldn’t it be great if you could, at the click of a button, find a contextually relevant piece of information that showed you exactly what you wanted to know, exactly when you needed to know it? This is exactly what KnowledgeWedge does. By showing you contextual information from where you are in your day-to-day work, KnowledgeWedge will automatically present you with short training videos that are only relevant to the activity you are currently performing. 'KnowledgeWedge' allows you to find out what you need, when you need it".

Your strengths, what has your company managed to do well in?

"FOXit, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and service provider, along with several industry partners recently celebrated the business’ first birthday.  In its first year of operation, the company has focused on Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) in business, gained ground within the enterprise solution development and application space and demonstrated why agility means everything in business today. At FOXit, we also believe in strategic partnerships – apart from our industry partners that includes EOH Consulting, Microsoft, Nintex and PWC Exordia, we are in the midst of expanding the FOXit brand across various regions. Localised representation is the logical next step in exposing our offering to a wider audience. We seek out companies who are just as passionate about technology and innovation – our partners can effectively expand their offering with the backing of FOXit. In a competitive economy, these relationships enable both partner and us to really deliver the ‘unique value proposition’ that businesses hear about often, yet seldom see materialise. SinceFOXit’s inception, management at the company has challenged corporate South Africa – and businesses throughout the continent – to review and adapt their approach to technology application in business".

What is the latest news about your company?

"FOXit has deployed a Microsoft-based Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) technology to help its client Deltamune address performance and scalability issues with existing software programs. The installation of the Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, Nintex Workflow 2010 for SharePoint and Project Server, as well as a SharePoint Server 2010 document management solution, is still in process but has already resulted in a massive improvement in operational efficiency".







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