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Argus Media African Crude and Products Newsletter | February 2018

Leading global energy and commodity price reporting and news agency Argus Media invites you to download exclusive commentaries, eBooks, interviews and viewpoints on the issues that matter to the Africa bitumen, LPG, road maintenance and construction industries.

Pan-African bitumen flow and consumption for road construction

Investment in road, corridors and highway projects across Africa is creating huge potential for global and regional infrastructure groups, project owners, and bitumen and asphalt suppliers.

Find out how the flow, consumption and transportation of bitumen across the continent.

Discover the consumption and flow of bitumen across West Africa

Download a series of West Africa maps that outline the consumption, transportation and movement of bitumen in and out of the region.

In this download, Argus experts share typical truck movements from west African ports to inland neighbouring locations, shipment routes and the estimated current annual bitumen consumption in selected West African countries.

Bitumen trade routes into East and Central Africa

For an outline of bitumen trade routes from and into East and Central Africa, download your copy of this map produced exclusively by Argus.


eBook - The sub-Saharan African road construction and bitumen markets

Request your copy of Argus’ eBook that explores the sub-Saharan Africa road construction and bitumen markets. It offers an overview of the current environment, prospects for supplying bitumen to sub-Saharan African markets and the huge potential for growth in the region. Download your copy here

African Development Bank share thoughts on the West African road construction industry

The organisers of Argus Africa Roads events speak to Mam Tut Wadda of African Development Bank for her thoughts on the West African road construction industry, and asks how to overcome key challenges in the financial markets.

Request your copy of the interview here

To register your interest in attending Argus Africa West Roads 2018, November in Accra, Ghana, please contact

Your road building opportunities across East, Central and South Africa

You can meet with the east, central and South African road construction and bitumen industries at the Argus Africa Roads 2018 conference in Tanzania, 8-9 March. The event confirms support from governmental agencies and key corridors from Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Zambia and more.

Download the brochure for the full agenda and speaker list.

The African LPG market

LPG continues to be a clean, safe and sustainable option for fuel and heat in Africa.

With new facilities and commissioned projects on the horizon, Argus invites you to download exclusive interviews with speakers at our upcoming Africa LPG and West Africa LPG events. They address issues of supply, governmental policies and, most importantly, unlocking the potential of LPG in Africa.

Exclusive Interview - Department of Petroleum Resources, Nigeria

Zayyanu Tambari, Senior Chemical Engineer, Gas Division, Dep. of Petroleum Resources, Nigeria speaks to Argus about:

• The Nigerian government's plans for LPG development
• Regulatory incentives to foster a more sustainable marketplace
• The government's insight on LPG price swings

Read the full interview here

Cengas: Unlocking Namibia’s LPG market

In this exclusive interview, James Grobler, Managing Director of Cengas shares his opinion of unlocking Namibia’s LPG potential.
Request your copy to explore:

• Namibia’s current market volume and growth
• The potential for future growth, household vs commercial
• Barriers to growth and the steps to overcome them
• Domestic pricing and regulation

Request your copy here


Join the pan-African LPG market at Argus Africa LPG 2018

Join regional and international decision-makers from across east, central and South Africa at Argus Africa LPG 2018, 14-15 March. This is the pan-African collaboration hub to unite and develop the LPG industry. The event also offers you a showcase of new storage facilities such as Walvis Bay.

Join the discussion on logistics and handling challenges, importing and distribution!

Request the brochure for the agenda and speaker list here


Ministry of Energy, Ghana, endorses Argus West Africa LPG 2018

Argus West Africa LPG, Accra, Ghana, 9-10 May 2018, is officially endorsed by the Ministry of Energy, Ghana. The event gives you exclusive market intelligence on the triggers behind the west African LPG market.

Learn how you can capitalise on lucrative opportunities in Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Senegal and other west African countries.

For more information visit the website

You can also contact the team at

For more information about Argus and our portfolio of African crude and product conferences, please contact or call +44 20 7780 4341

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