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As the end of another year is upon us, we are surrounded by outplaying energies of the known, the unknown and transition.  We have young school leavers, pre-career, venturing out onto stepping stones that bridge their 15 year schooling experience with the big wide world of commerce, career building and new responsibilities.  On the other hand, we have retiring post-career business people, who too, are questioning the stepping stones that which lie ahead for them.

No matter your circumstance of life, you can be sure that you are called to answer the question/s: What transition or change is taking place for me now?  And/or, what transition or change do I need to put in place for me now?

A fundamental tool that I use with many of my clients is known as Clearing.  It works remarkably well with Journaling.  In a A4 note book ask yourself these questions:

1                     What has worked?

2                     What has not worked?

3                     What is of concern?

When starting something new or leaving that which is familiar it is a meaningful practice to reflect, write and find what is lying beyond the intellect or the emotion of the fear of change.  In this way you will acknowledge your successes for that which have worked, change that which has not worked and become conscious of your concerns that require your attention and solution.

Meaningful experiences that work are creative, inspirational or attitude enhancing and will do you well into the future.  What tickled your sense of humour?  What are you now grateful for?  How have you grown as a human being?  Did you find yourself to be self-determining, self-directing and self-managing?  And what of self-transcendence towards others, cause and Life itself?  What right choices have you made against the odds of risk, difficulty or extra work?  Jacquie came to retirement – her work had given her resources, connections and suppliers for her life’s passion to work with the disadvantaged children in her area. She felt useful, contributed and implemented plans that made for a better world for herself and for the children.

When reflecting on that which does not work, ask yourself about the pain, suffering or frustration that you experienced.  Ask yourself what could you have done differently?  What was evident but ignored?  Evaluate objectively, find the values as well as the problems and make the necessary adjustments.  On facing retirement, John came to realise that his aggressive business approach that he used to survive the threatening markets of business, were now not conducive to his family relationships.  In making the adjustments John and his family now share new things together and he finds that he is able to contribute to their happiness, passions and plans far more than he had been able to envisage.

Transition requires flexibility, open-mindedness and an understanding that there will be resistance.  It is all a process that needs to be consciously worked. Consciously working will reveal much that otherwise would have been lost.  There are many blessings in transition when we can see with an open and grateful attitude.  Will you stumble?  Probably.  Is that ok?  Yes, absolutely.  It’s a process, a journey, a transition between now and then.  It takes courage to step forward on a stepping stone of the unknown, the shaky or in the dark.  Ask yourself these questions of what worked, that which did not work and what your concerns are and you will already be ahead of the game.  There is nothing to risk and everything to gain, for the more you know about yourself the more accuratly you will move forward.

As Transition is what I work with on a daily basis with my clients, may I suggest you take a look at www.leadershipdimensions.co.za for interesting articles, approaches and ideas to this amazingly wonderful subject of managing transitions in your life.  You may contact me on 082 784 7656 or 031 716 8226.   My email address is bj@leadershipdimensions.co.za.  Enjoy your transitions and make them work for you.




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