WAZIUP is launching in Uganda
24-04-2018 10:22:00 | by: Esther Nakkazi | hits: 3768 | Tags:

The WAZIHUB accelerator program that provides Internet of Things (IoT) startups and entrepreneurs with technical and business capacity building is launching in Uganda. 

The WAZIHUB (in Swahili for Open-Hub) to be launched in Uganda on 4th May 2018 will offer collaborative problem solving and an innovation platform to enable win-win outcomes for the European Union and African partners while tackling key societal problems and challenges by applying IoT and Big Data Sub-Saharan Africa. The WAZIHUB accelerator program builds capacity through training boot camps, seminars, growth hacking resources and workshops. 

WAZIHUB, a program co-designed by African people for solutions that can then be adapted to match local service needs is implemented by 14 partners all over Africa and EU, in Uganda, it is implemented by both Hive Colab and Women in Technology in Uganda or WITU HUB. 

The WAZIHUB program launch in Kampala will enable people to learn about opportunities for innovators and the economy. Through the project, Ugandans will learn more about the WAZIUP Platform and how it will be of use to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Africa.  
The vision of WAZIHUB is to exploit the huge IoT potential and share best practices for IoT and Cloud Technologies use, through the involvement of innovation communities and stakeholders at local district, regional, national and African level. The project goal is to iterate and extract value from spinning-off value-added IoT innovative services (e.g. monitoring, controlling, data analytics) based on the technologies developed in WAZIUP and FIWARE projects.