Ushahidi unveils new messaging app for team members
19-09-2018 07:53:00 | by: Nixon Kanali | hits: 1376 | Tags:

Ushahidi, a crisis management software developer based out of Nairobi has launched a messaging app running on SMS.

Known as TenFour, Ushahidi says it built the check-in application for team members after one of ther own was involved in a terrorist attack and it needed a quick way to check in with each other in critical situations.

“We built this tool to help other teams reach each other every day and in a crisis,” said Nathaniel Manning, Chief Executive Officer, Ushahidi. “Because people talk on so many channels, it’s hard to reach people, particularly if you have a dispersed team or community, and particularly when it’s urgent,” he added in a newsletter sent to its users.

TenFour allows users to send messages via email, SMS or app, without depending on the platform or device. It allows users to secure team info with multiple points of contact, all synced securely via encrypted transport. Users can also form groups by adding their contacts to a group and allow multiple admins and user roles so that your team only sees what they want.

TenFour allows real-time communication and is simple to use as no training is required. The platform is targeted at either HR managers, team leads among others as it them to quickly do daily check-ins, run quick polls, and answer the question, “who needs help?” across email, SMS and apps.

According to the firm, other messaging apps simply haven’t kept up with the demands of modern organizations and aren’t suitable for businesses and become clogged up when you have too many people. And large enterprise offerings are too cumbersome and unaffordable.

TenFour’s Pro plan gives users access to SMS, email and Slack check-ins starting at just $39 per month.