[Tunisia] Edtech startup GOMYCODE raises $8 Million Series A funding to expand across Africa
13-06-2022 12:04:00 | by: Nixon Kanali | hits: 2740 | Tags:

Tunisian edtech startup GOMYCODE has raised $8.85 in series A funding, one of the highest African funding this quarter to expand across Africa.

GOMYCODE is a coding-learning startup that was set up in Tunisia by two founders who faced a challenge in finding coders for a project they were undertaking. It was conceptualized in 2017 and has now spread to Bahrain, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Nigeria. It is the brainchild of two siblings, Amine Bouhlel and Yahya Bouhlel who is the CEO.

Amine, the company’s chief operating officer says that after completing her studies in France, she jetted back to Tunisia to set up a tech startup for a French company. However, it was very challenging to find suitable developers in the country. That’s how the idea of GOMYCODE came to life.

“So the idea of building a school or a learning experience with the spirit of Silicon Valley came, and we started GOMYCODE as a summer project and camp and grew that year.” Said CEO Yahya Bouhlel.

The company raised seed capital amounting to $850,000 in October 2020. The new funding rounding brings the total financing to $8.85 million so far.

In recognizing the demand for tech jobs, several startups have set foot in Africa to help upskilling students and professionals. Notable among them are Andela, AltSchool, Gebeya, Decagon and Semicolon, which may significantly help to address the unemployment challenge that plagues the continent.