Uganda government has come up with new strategies to revamp its own Telecom
03-05-2018 11:11:00 | by: Esther Nakkazi | hits: 1492 | Tags:

The Uganda government has come up with new strategies to revamp Uganda Telecom or UTL. Uganda Telecom is owned by the government and its Uganda’s first Telecommunication operator.

In an effort to revamp UTL, the government has agreed to source for a competent investor and extend its operating license for 20 years if it gets a decent investor it is looking for. 

It was also agreed that the regulator, Uganda Communications Commission or UCC will expand UTL’s frequency broadband (spectrum) and give it unlimited access and use of the National backbone infrastructure and make it governments primary provider of the internet.

Early this year,  on January 9, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni gave the directive ordering all government institutions to procure all Internet and other related services from UTL and demanded that the concerned government entities present to him a press report earliest the first week of this month, May. 

The government is looking at about 600 Ministry, departments, and Agencies (MDA’s) including hospitals and schools, commissions, statutory authorities and state enterprises.

UTL was the first company to own a Full Telecommunications Operator license, having evolved from the earlier East African Post & Telecom Corporation in the 1970’s, and the Uganda Post and Telecom Corporation in the 1980’s and 1990’s. UTL was incorporated in 1998 as a Public Limited Liability Company and has since embarked on an unrivaled evolution.