Telkom Kenya customers to enjoy free Mobile Internet Data and talk time for life
24-06-2021 13:58:00 | by: Nixon Kanali | hits: 2441 | Tags:

Telkom customers will get to enjoy a life-time value of 1GB of Mobile Internet Data and 100 minutes of talk time to make Telkom-to-Telkom calls, for free, every month. 

This life-time offer called Madaraka Life will also have the Telkom customer, as part of the company’s commitment to ensure easier access to its services, registered to T-kash, Telkom’s mobile money service. The customer will receive an instant cashback of KSh.50 to their mobile wallet, upon successful registration. 

This move follows Telkom’s announcement on the eve of this year’s Madaraka Day, when the company stated that it would be offering Kenyans an important access key to their own digital independence, for the Madaraka season, and beyond. 

Telkom’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mugo KIBATI said “Making calls and being able to connect to the Internet are now a basic need for all. In this age of increased virtual communications, Telkom fully understands how important access to communications services is to all Kenyans. Telkom is therefore making this commitment to empower Kenyans with this digital independence that they seek; giving them easier access to essential technology services that continue to simplify our lifestyles.”    

Mr. KIBATI adds: 

“Madaraka Life is in line with the spirit of Madaraka; valuing Kenyan freedom – giving Kenyans the opportunity to pursue their goals and live their dreams thereby becoming truly independent.” 

The use of Mobile Internet Data continues to grow, with the customer demanding for more competitive and comprehensive products that address their different and ever changing needs: browsing, downloading, streaming, mobile money transactions, reading the news online, and updating their apps; actions that are now very important to everyday life. The development of new products and solutions, therefore, will ensure that the customer, who is keen on the next best offer, will be able to benefit from offers that broaden and simplify their digital lifestyles.

Earlier this year, Mr. KIBATI said that Telkom remains cognisant of the integral role the technology company’s core terrestrial network plays in keeping customers connected. 

“We continue with our long-term terrestrial network expansion plan that is informed by our overall company strategy, which will see us scale up to 80% of our network to 4G, increase our network footprint across the country, and get more Kenyans online.”

Mr. KIBATI also adds: 

“Despite the capital-intensive nature of our network expansion plan, we commit to becoming the technology partner of choice, building out our network to ensure wider coverage and the provision of high quality services to our customers.”  

 “Our challenge to them is simple – they should keep their Telkom lines in their phones, for them to be able to enjoy this amazing life-time offer and many others to come from Telkom.”  

In May, Telkom announced the integration of T-kash with the government digital services platform, eCitizen. This integration with the eCitizen Portal will enable Telkom customers to make payments for a number of services including those offered by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA); Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Business Registration Service, Immigration Services, Civil Registration Department, Office of the Attorney General, Higher Education Loans Board (HELB), The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), and the National Construction Authority.

To access the offer dial *444*58#.