[South Africa] Domains.co.za launches UltraFast Epyc VPS hosting powered by AMD
17-01-2019 08:59:20 | by: Pie Kamau | hits: 1693 | Tags:

Domains.co.za has officially launched its new Epyc Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting solution, featuring the new AMD EPYC 7000 Series processors.

Industry leaders in cloud, including Amazon.com, Microsoft, DropBox and Oracle have all started using the AMD EPYC processors as part of their hardware infrastructure.

Domains.co.za is one of the first hosting providers in South Africa to make use of this industry-leading AMD hardware for their virtualization offering.

“We’re extremely excited to base our new UltraFast Epyc VPS offering on the AMD EPYC Platform. Our Epyc VPS platform has been built with speed, stability and security in mind. These are the three main factors customers generally require when evaluating any type of hosting environment.” says Wayne Diamond, CEO for Domains.co.za.

What Domains.co.za UltraFast Epyc VPS hosting offers

The Domains.co.za Epyc VPS platform is built on SuperMicro servers with 512GB RAM and 24 x 2TB Samsung Enterprise SSD drives in Raid 100 configuration, which facilitates disk access speeds of 4GB per second with low latency. Connectivity to the servers are done using four 10Gbit connections for public and private networking.

According to Dave Strydom, CTO for Domains.co.za, some of the more traditional VPS solutions in the market unfortunately come with an unfavourable reputation when it comes to “noisy neighbours” and overselling.

“We’ve designed this platform to be fast, stable, and secure. We have also optimised the platform to reduce the possibility of noisy neighbour issues. In order to keep the solution consistently performing well, no over-selling is done on our Epyc VPS Platform.”

Advantages of Domains.co.za’s Epyc VPS hosting

Increased reliability: With any shared solution offerings like virtual private servers, noisy neighbours is a considerable challenge. However, with the AMD EPYC processor and 4GB per second disk access speeds for storage, coupled with our extensive testing and performance tweaking in order to continually decrease latency, we have managed to reduce the impact of noisy neighbours to almost zero.

Affordability: A VPS is the best of both worlds. You have all the benefits of a dedicated server without any of the extra resources or costs associated.

Seamless scalability: Adding extra CPU, ram, or disk space to your Epyc VPS package can be done with the click of a button and is therefore the ideal solution for a growing site or solution, as it allows you to scale up, as and when needed.