[South Africa] Accelerit Technologies launches free group video platform
31-03-2020 07:35:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 1054 | Tags:

A new, locally hosted and free and secure group video platform has been launched in SA to help small to medium companies and the general public remain connected and communicate securely via video and audio during the lockdown period.

Quickchat has been launched to enable faster connectivity for groups of any size, at no cost whatsoever, in direct response to the onslaught the Covid-19 pandemic has waged globally and in SA. The biggest advantage with Quickchat is that it is hosted on local servers in SA, thereby drastically reducing latency between local conferencing sessions while improving overall quality in group conversations. Adding to the advantage is that there is no sign-up required: you can launch a session in seconds while complying fully with the South African data privacy laws.

“We launched Quickchat for our internal staff at Accelerit as we realised latency challenges with the international platforms. It worked so well for us that we decided to share it with which whoever else that may need it,” said Mandla Ngcobo, founder of Accelerit Technologies. 

“We have launched it as a standalone platform that isn’t linked to Accelerit, so anyone can use it on any network. Users must just ensure they have adequate bandwidth for smoother sessions.”