Rwanda almost achieves nationwide 4G LTE network coverage
10-05-2018 11:18:00 | by: Esther Nakkazi | hits: 8643 | Tags:

Rwanda becomes one of the first countries in Africa to almost be entirely covered by 4G LTE network through a partnership between Korean Telecom Rwanda Networks or KTRN and the government, reports The New Times

“ktRn is announcing to complete 4G LTE network coverage to more than 95% of the population nationwide. It is the first time to have such 4G coverage in Africa ” said Patrick Yoon, Chief Executive of KtRn. the company is the only Rwanda infrastructure company. 

Due to almost nationwide 4G LTE coverage commuters in Kigali can now enjoy free 4G Wi-Fi on the bus; some businesses are able to monitor remotely what happens at their premises in real time while Rwanda residents enjoy fast internet services experiences.

The President of KT, Kyung-lim Yun, noted that their plan is also to make Rwanda the regional service hub—expanding 4G LTE connectivity and other future internet solutions to other countries in the region. 

“We need to create many converged services and innovations on top of this newly constructed 4G LTE environment. I can assure you, KT, as a global partner, along with Rwanda will come up with local innovations in addition to the 4G network and place Rwanda as a leading African nation,” Yun said.

According to the Rwanda Minister of ICT Jean De Du Rurangirwa, the national coverage of 4G Network will enable development of more technological solutions.

Rurangirwa also acknowledges that the national coverage of 4G network can boost quality education, extend better medical services to rural areas, and accelerate the transformation of Rwanda' s agriculture economy into a knowledge-based economy.

“The faster internet has enabled us to roll out more mobile banking solutions which help out clients to access their bank services from every corner of the country,” said Diane Karusisi, the Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Kigali. 

Meanwhile, KtRn also launched 4G Square in Rusizi district yesterday. District Mayor Frederic Harerimana commended the move to serve the town with the faster 4G LTE internet saying it will enable business growth in one of Rwanda’s busiest secondary cities.

kt Rwanda Networks has made considerable progress since the launch of 4G LTE in November 2014. With a mission to cover 92% of the total population by 2017, 4G LTE has been deployed in all 30 districts and most populated centers & towns in Rwanda.