Realme C15: Powering performance in the entry-level smartphone segment
16-09-2020 09:00:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 2795 | Tags:

The scramble to sate the fast-changing consumer preferences, occasioned by an appetite for convenience and value for money, is inspiring smartphone manufacturers to come up with a new generation of innovative entry-level smartphones that continue to redefine the future of the industry.

 In Kenya where demand and ultimately competition to meet this market needs have reached fever pitch, phone makers have put their best foot forward by launching their favourite offerings.

The new entrant realme has introduced its budget C-series line-up which the market has increasingly warmed up to. The recent model in the C-series stable to enter the market is the realme C 15 whose ergonomic features, among them a gigantic battery and processing power continue to give it a competitive edge among its peers.

We reviewed the phone and here is our verdict.

Charging convenience

Realme C15’s unique selling point remains its 600mhAh battery that is backed by 18W fast charging support. We tested it with a series of activities ranging from streaming news, movies and listening to music, taking photos, spending time on social media, playing games and even making video calls having the phone at 50 per cent brightness. With the phone fully charged, we were able to use it close to two days without having to charge it.

Now it is not every day that you come across a phone with such powerful battery capacity. The verdict is unanimous. It is a thumbs up for powering our smartphone experience in ways that exceeded our expectations.

The matte-textured geometric design which makes it smudge proof combined with a polycarbonate rear panel that is complemented by a textured finish plus a zigzag cut breathe more life to the overall design of the phone.

Focused functionalities

The functionalities and features on the other hand are positioned conveniently to give you an easy navigation and access. The square shaped camera module and the finger scanner sit closely to each other at the rear panel while the microSD card can easily be located on the left and the power and volume keys to the right.

The speaker griller, audio port and microUSB port stands out at the bottom panel creating a simple access to any feature.

Operating on Quad Camera, the rear cameras have 13MP, 8MP, 2MP and 2MP specs with four times zoom capacity and video that allows you to record on 1080p at 30fps.

The selfie camera with 8MP clarity and a dedicated nightscape mode that allows one to take low-light shots  means realme C15 takes decent shots under ideal lighting conditions. The image quality is further bolstered by AI beauty mode, HDR and the monchorome sensors which give it an upper hand in the entry-level device category.

Performance power

In terms of processing power and performance, realme C15 is comfortably faster and users can rest easy when playing that game or streaming a movie because there are no instances of the phone hanging or restarting.

This is because the manufacturers have invested in the MediaTek Helio G35 processor which is billed to be gaming oriented.

This has been boosted by  the latest Android User Interface that is quite friendly with apps well arranged in multiple home screens for easier navigation.

As choice and budget continues to dictate every customer’s purchasing power and habit realme C15has positioned itself as the ideal phone for any customer looking for variety, affordability and a change in how they interact with modern smartphones.