Orange Egypt and Tabarak Development transform real estate project 90 Avenue into an Integrated Smart Compound
17-03-2021 10:14:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 2554 | Tags:

Orange Egypt, a provider of integrated telecommunications services, has signed a cooperation agreement with Tabarak Development, the real estate developer in Egypt.

The cooperation protocol aims to provide the luxurious real estate project "90 Avenue", located in the Fifth Settlement, with smart city technologies and Orange triple play services, opting for FTTH technology, which avails home automation through IOT.

The agreement is a new step towards disseminating advanced smart city services in Egypt. It includes the provision of Triple Play services, which include high-speed Internet, IPTV and landline connections. These services use fiber optics through an internal network established specially for 90 Avenue.

The agreement stipulates providing the project with FTTH (Fiber to The Home) technology, which is commonly used in Europe and regarded as the future of the Internet across the world.

This technology provides high-speed internet to customers, through closed networks allocated specially for each home, allowing customers do all work tasks and use entertainment services from home with maximum internet capabilities.

Furthermore, under this agreement, the 90 Avenue compound, which includes 1,450 housing units across 196,000 square meters, shall be provided with Home Automation technologies, through which several services can be availed, depending on IoT.

Additionally, home automation technology, provided by Orange Egypt, allows the interconnection of various devices and systems at home, allowing them to be controlled anywhere and anytime through mobile applications.

Using the automated system, "90 Avenue" customers can remotely control lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, curtains, door locks, home security systems, and highly sensitive insurance services against theft, fire, and other risks.

Commenting on this occasion, Karim Kamel, Director of Home Internet & Triple Play at Orange Egypt, highlighted the importance of the new agreement signed with the professional real estate developer, Tabarak Development. He further asserted that Tabarak's endeavor to provide 90 Avenue with smart technical services indicates its efforts to boost the quality of life in the compound.

Kamel explained that compounds are not a luxury anymore. However, they have become essential due to the tremendous residents' needs and their desire to accomplish tasks in the easiest, fastest, safest, and most professional way. This is precisely what Orange's smart services bundles seek to provide.

“90 Avenue is a new project to be added to a long list of huge, smart real estate projects implemented by Orange Egypt. We will definitely continue to invest in our infrastructure and new technologies to promote Orange’s leading position in terms of providing telecommunications services within compounds,” Kamel elaborated.

For his part Mohamed Shier Head of IT at Tabarak Development, confirmed that the presence of a powerful communication network that provides updated data in real time is crucial for implementing the smart cities concept and achieving it on-ground. Accordingly, Tabarak signed a cooperation agreement with Orange Egypt to provide Triple Play services and modern telecommunications services (landline, Internet, and IPTV) to 90 Avenue residents, at reasonable prices. Moreover, they have ensured that customers will not face any trouble with the installation of such services.

“At Tabarak, we always strive to use the latest technological systems to manage infrastructure, in order to ensure provision of housing and modern integrated basics. We aim to present a smart residential environment, supported by innovative solutions that include providing electrical supply to entrances and elevators in case of interruption, using a backup generator, and equipping projects with the latest technological systems, including access control and solar street lighting. Our projects are distinguished with smart security systems that work around the clock, surveillance camera systems, and fire alarm systems to ensure the safety of all customers. All services are provided to 90 Avenue residents through the I COMMUNITY app, which enables the project’s residents to communicate quickly and easily with the administration. Consequently, the administration will take the necessary procedures to meet their demands and needs.

It is worth noting that Orange Egypt is the first choice for the elite real estate developers in Egypt, and it provides more than 40 residential and tourist complexes in Egypt with automation and Triple Play services.