Online ride-hailing service inDriver launches in Uganda
10-07-2019 07:03:25 | by: Nixon Kanali | hits: 3698 | Tags:

inDriver, an international online ride-hailing service has launched in Uganda. Uganda becomes its fourth African market after launching in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

Founded in Russia and now headquartered in New York, InDriver’s mobile app allows passengers to set their price for their trip for nearby drivers to accept, decline or counter. Drivers can choose the most profitable and convenient orders.

“Until today, taxi services in Uganda did not leave any choice for locals when it came to the cost of the trip. Users were only offered to agree to the price specified in the app,” said Egor Fedorov, Chief Marketing Officer, inDriver.

“We want customers and drivers to independently and directly determine the fair and favorable price of each trip. Already today, residents of Kampala, using inDriver, will be able to make sure that the cost of travel can be significantly lower than the usual prices,” he said.

The app’s Real Time Deals model combats algorithms used by other ride-hailing companies, which rack up prices because of peak hours, traffic and request history.

The company believes that its unique business model will significantly enhance ride-hailing access in Uganda and provide provides affordable and efficient service to passengers in the city with fair compensation to drivers, and the opportunity to preview routes before accepting a fare.