Odoo Middle East to support mandatory e-invoicing in Egypt
08-06-2022 10:59:55 | by: | hits: 2575 | Tags:

With Egypt's new e-invoicing policy, all companies must electronically issue their invoices. With new requirements come new challenges; however, Odoo's new localization feature makes Egypt's digital transformation efforts easy. Taxpayers who have Odoo ERP system need to register it on the ETA portal, configure Odoo and start sending invoices to the governmental portal.

Odoo, a leader in open source business software, has implemented the localized solution for many companies in Egypt and continues to support mandatory e-invoicing seamlessly and effectively. Odoo's e-invoicing feature helps reduce the chance of human error while improving security through encrypted exchanges between parties. Ultimately, Odoo users can benefit from the automated, free-of-cost solution, reduced costs and accelerated efficiency when processing compared to manual paper invoices. Unlike other ERP systems, Odoo is cost-effective, flexible, and simple to use, allowing the entire e-invoicing solution to be implemented within a few days. With more than 60 business applications, SMEs can manage their accounting books and effectively run marketing, HR, sales, and other quintessential business operations.

"It's crucial for businesses operating in Egypt to comply with the e-invoicing system, not only to adhere to new government requirements but to further streamline the business process and reduce overhead costs along the way. Odoo's localized solution is a perfect answer for companies that want to stay relevant and implement new requirements quick and hassle-free." - says Pavitra Singh, Managing Director of Odoo Middle East DMCC.