Nigerian brings classic social media App into the digital age
09-08-2018 09:55:00 | by: Pie Kamau | hits: 2021 | Tags:

A Nigerian has harnessed the power of apps to bring Nigerians a social media app with a twist.

The app is Worldjunction for iPhone and the developer company is Worldjunction LLC from Nigeria.

We all know how social media has created a paradigm shift in our world where most people use social media to network with their friends and family as compared to old traditional age of social networking.

Most social media apps provide features for you to chat with friends and family, but this app in question is different. It enables you to chat with friends, share music, read news and watch videos, all at the same time.

Henry I. Ihedoro, the CEO of Worldjunction said, "We were thinking about creating an app when social media dawned on us," he said. "We did some research and realized that people who used social media couldn’t read news while chatting with friends, so we decided to create an app that people could use to chat with friends along side read news, watch videos and share music," he said.

Worldjunction is a consumer-centric company. Our mission is to provide a unique media sharing environment to the world. We create a network that will accommodate all kinds of people and businesses. At Worldjunction, Users can share or promote anything ranging from videos, music, eCommerce products, news, cars, gift cards, vouchers, photos and many more.

"We began the development process and incorporated features like video, music, news in assonance with chat," he said. "Also, we created another enthralling feature, where job seekers could find jobs within the same app while chatting with friends," he said.

This social media app can be downloaded for free on App Store or Play Store.