[Nigeria] Touchbal Pictures raises $20,000 funding from GenesysTechHub to support product development
25-05-2018 11:35:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 2129 | Tags:

Touchabl Pictures has announced a raise of $20,000 Pre-seed funding from GenesysTechHub to support product development.

Touchabl Pictures is a Picture searching app that lets users find and buy things in images among other applications including education.

The team led by Gabriel Eze were the winners at #StartupSouth3 where Uche Ogboi of EchoVC remarked that the judges selected them ahead of the others because their solution had global applications if supported.

The team met at Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO) and have been together building different things including web apps and games. Gabriel met Peter during his sophomore year at FUTO and later met Emeka who was trained by Peter at CadNetwork.

According to Gabriel, the money will go into further product development, research and operational expense towards securing key partnerships and grow user base. “Since launching in public beta, we collected some interesting feedbacks and have significantly modified our technology and value proposition. GenesysTech Hub is providing us with training, mentorship and critical network to position us into becoming a hugely successful business” he said.

According to Mr. Nnamdi Anika, the Managing Director of GenesysTechHub, “The experience and shared passion within the team for the emerging machine learning space inspired us to invest. With our track record and network in the technology space in Nigeria, we want to support them to realize their potential.”