Mali gets first-ever ATM anti-fraud program
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BS/2 company, a software security company in cooperation with its partner, Diebold Nixdorf, has begun installing its ATMeye.iQ solution in financial institutions in Mali, a country in West Africa. 

BS/2 is an international banking technology company specializing in the development and provision of software for banks and retailers, solutions for optimizing the operation of self-service devices, outsourcing the entire range of IT services and maintenance of banking hardware.

BS/2's ATMeye.iQ solution is an all-in-one ATM security, anti-fraud solution and dispute handling solution that includes a video surveillance tool, and it's the first integrated security system that is being installed for self-service devices in the country to prevent ATM fraud.

Mali local banks will use BS/2 solutions for ensuring ATM security and to help the banks grow customer trust in the country's banking system, which depends on ATMs for cash access.

At the moment, there are 14 commercial banks in Mali and more than 550 ATMs.

BS/2 is part of the Penki Kontinentai Group has been the partner of Diebold Nixdorf in 13 countries for over 25 years.