KT Corp seeks ICT partnership with African countries
31-05-2018 10:48:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 1470 | Tags:

KT Corp, Korea's largest telecommunications company, has announced it would expand its cooperation with African countries in the field of information and communication technologies based on the national LTE network that it successfully established in Rwanda, which is one of the first in Africa.

KT, formerly known as Korea Telecom, announced its plans to support ICT in African countries during the Korea-Africa Economic Cooperation Conference (KOAFEC) 2018 and the 53th Annual Meeting of the Bank African Development.

Business projects and successful models in Africa were presented at the KOAFEC's Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Forum.

As a spokesperson for the PPP Forum, Kim Hyung-Joon, KT's world headline, introduced the 4G LTE network that was set up at the national level in Rwanda and completed this month- in cooperation with the Rwandan government, and stressed the importance of ICT infrastructures for Africa's economic development.

"We will cooperate with African countries to develop ICT-based economic growth, as this project in Rwanda has enriched our experience and has enabled us to gain a better understanding of things," said Kim.

"At the conference, the delegation of KT discussed with representatives from large African countries a broad range of topics on cooperation between public and private sectors in their country.

Korea's Korean Import and Export Bank, the African Economic Development Corporation, is the largest Korean economic cooperation event involving Africa, the KOAFEC conference, jointly organized by the Korean Ministry of the Strategy and Finance.

The ministerial round table and the PPP forum are the strong points of the conference. The African Development Bank is a regional multilateral organization created in 1964 to promote sustainable economic development and social progress on the African continent. South Korea has strengthened its co-operation with its member countries since its accession to the organization in 1982.