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Kenyan Creators Shine in TikTok's Inaugural Africa Creator Hub Programme

Kenyan Creators Shine in TikTok's Inaugural Africa Creator Hub Programme

A select group of talented content creators from Kenya have just made history as the first graduates of TikTok's Africa Creator Hub. This incubator program, developed in partnership with Wowzi, is designed to help emerging creators from Sub-Saharan Africa hone their digital skill sets and turn their creativity into a sustainable career on the world's fastest-growing entertainment platform.

TikTok creators - who were carefully selected - underwent an intensive eight-week course to grow their content creation abilities, access career-building resources and connect with prominent industry leaders. Most importantly, they were given an opportunity to interact, collaborate and build a community with their fellow creators.

“My experience at the Africa Creator Hub was inspirational; the culture and people were great and my digital content creation skills and business sense for new opportunities improved. In the process, I’ve learnt so much about myself and how I can share my content with the TikTok community,” Adeyemi Eugene says one of the Hub’s graduates.

“Kenya is a creative, vibrant, multicultural country. We’ve seen Kenyan creators display great potential, expressing this creativity on our platform. Following the Rising Voices pilot in South Africa, we saw a great opportunity to extend it to other markets. We want to grow the Africa Creator Hub footprint throughout Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), and we plan to use the insights gained from this edition to do that,” explains Boniswa Sidwaba, our Head of Content Programming in SSA. 

"Creativity is the bedrock of success. With our partnership with TikTok, Wowzi is empowering content creators to unlock their full potential, create sustainable jobs and help build the future of the creator economy. Together we can create a brighter future for Africa and beyond." - Mike Otieno, Co-Founder and President of Wowzi

TikTok is committed to empowering creators from all backgrounds and providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed. "Congratulations to all our Africa Creative Hub graduates!" concludes Sidwaba. "By upskilling and supporting young people with enhanced digital skills, we are equipping them for personal success and creating a more vibrant, inclusive and creative community."








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