[Kenya] E-health platform MYDAWA partners with Kenya Pharmaceutical Association to advocate for better health care solutions.
28-11-2018 11:31:13 | by: Nixon Kanali | hits: 2154 | Tags:

Kenya’s first and leading e-health platform and online retail pharmacy; MYDAWA and Kenya Pharmaceutical Association (KPA) have announced a new partnership to advocate for access to quality health commodities for Kenyans.

The partnership brings together two organisations that share the vision of offering better healthcare solutions to Kenyans. It will prioritise increasing access to quality medicines; conducting behaviour change programmes, undertaking joint social research in medicine, and partnering in health awareness events as well as consumer engagement.

The two partners say they share a commitment and mission to transform healthcare in Kenya by making it patient-centric and value-based, with technology at the core of driving this change.

Top of the partnership’s agenda is also to have educational and training programmes for healthcare professionals, joint public engagement through awareness campaigns and targeted advocacy programs to educate on safety of medicines. This will be done through the dissemination of information materials with messages on health and wellness and regular joint surveys and research to study behavioural patterns.

Together, MYDAWA and KPA will engage policy makers to disseminate the findings of research carried out while also rallying for implementation of patient-centric approaches that ensure healthcare management in Kenya retains and enhances standards creating better health outcomes.

Speaking during the signing of the MOU, MYDAWA Managing Director, Tony Wood, said that access to quality health commodities is one of the fundamental rights of a human being and a pre-requisite to achieving universal health access. “As an innovative solution, we are constantly seeking ways we can implement our vision of ensuring better health outcomes for all. Indeed, this partnership continues to reaffirm this promise,” he said.

MYDAWA through its disruptive and innovative e-health solution will provide a platform through which the public will have access to genuine and quality medicines at an affordable and convenient manner. The organisation employs 11 Pharmaceutical Technologists in a variety of roles, with Pharmacists in charge of both Regulatory and Operations.

KPA National Chairman Patrick Adera spoke highly of the partnership’s potential in assisting to implement the association’s mission. “This partnership with MYDAWA reinforces KPA’s mission of provision of highest standards of pharmaceutical practice in Kenya.” He said.