[Kenya] Blockchain Startup CapAgri selected into æternity Ventures’s 2nd Starfleet Accelerator Program
14-03-2019 05:57:22 | by: Nixon Kanali | hits: 2324 | Tags:

Kenya’s CapAGRI Africa has been selected among the most-promising seed stage blockchain startups from around the world to take part in æternity Venture’s ‘Starfleet’ Accelerator Programme. CapAGRI Africa is a last-mile mobile financing platform for Smallholder farmers across African Agricultural Markets

CapAGRI aims to provide smallholder farmers more favourable, affordable and below-market interest rates on cash advances and farm inputs loans based on Agricultural Produce that they have supplied, and are awaiting payment for (Accounts Payable).

The Starfleet Accelerator Program has invited 14 innovative teams from all over the world to join them during Genesis Week commencing March 11, 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

capAGRI and the 13 other startups will undergo mentoring in areas such as business models, token economics, æternity apps architecture, blockchain infrastructure and tooling, pitching to investors, and media relations from recognized experts.

According to Nikola Stojanow, æternity’s CBDO and æternity Ventures’ CEO  “The Starfleet Accelerator Program demonstrates that, contrary to some of the bearish headlines about investments in the blockchain space, funding is available for the most promising and hardworking startup projects. We have received applications from around the world and have 14 startups from USA, Europe, Africa and South America competing for funding that will help us collectively establish aeternity as the leading global smart contract platform where blockchain startups flourish.”

Startfleet Demo Day” will be held on April 11, 2019 where the teams will have the opportunity to present their projects to an audience of investors, thought leaders, media, and the global community of æternity and secure funding of up to $100,000 in AE tokens.