[Kenya] Airtel in new initiative to promote e-waste recycling
09-06-2022 11:07:59 | by: Nixon Kanali | hits: 1538 | Tags:

Airtel Kenya, a subsidiary of Airtel Africa, has reiterated its commitment to promoting the recycling of electronic waste across the firm by building awareness among staff and partners, as well as providing safe disposal mechanisms. 

During this year’s World Environment Day, staff of Airtel Kenya brought electronic waste from their homes for safe disposal. The initiative is part of Airtel Africa’s sustainability strategy and aims to eliminate hazardous waste, while significantly reducing non-hazardous waste.  

Airtel Kenya’s CEO, Prasanta Das Sarma said “Creating a sustainable environment is everyone’s job. We have an obligation to do all that we can individually, and as a company, to support the responsible recycling of e-waste. We are keen to continue these efforts by encouraging our staff and partners to take part in our e-waste collection and recycling initiative – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink”. 

Airtel Kenya has partnered with WEEE Center to initiate programmes that will expand recycling schemes and build employee awareness around the protection of natural resources. 

WEEE Centre’s Chief Commercial Officer, Simone Andersson said: “I would like to thank Airtel  Kenya for partnering with us to ensure safe handling of electronic waste, collect and ensure  proper disposal and recycling.”