[Kenya] Agri-tech startup Stable Foods raises $600k in funding
21-11-2022 04:35:00 | by: Nixon Kanali | hits: 2662 | Tags:

Stable Foods, a Kenyan agri-tech startup offering a host of solutions to small-scale farmers has raised $600k in funding.

The startup’s services include an irrigation-as-a-Service package, where farmers pay a small fee to hire irrigation services. This package also includes inputs and regenerative agriculture practices. The company also provides market and distribution channels to farmers as well as storage services, which helps to reduce wastage after harvest.

“Stable Foods unlocks smallholders’ potential at scale to produce affordable food for a growing population.” The company states,  “Through its sales channels, Stable Foods’ provides thousands of market women (“mama mbogas”) with affordable, fresh produce, available every day.”

The $600,000 funding comes from Acumen Resilient Agriculture Fund (ARAF) and Mercy Corps Ventures and will be used to scale up the startups’ proof of concept to 500 farmers by the end of 2023.

Stable Foods is an offshoot of  Pyramidia Ventures, an organization that invests in agrifood-tech startups.

“We are thrilled with this round of funding in our very first venture coming out of the studio,” said Ruth Bertens, founder and managing partner of Pyramidia Ventures. “ARAF and Mercy Corps Ventures are fully aligned with Stable Foods’ mission and we could not be more proud of the entire Stable Foods team for getting such high-quality partners on board.”