ImpalaPay Kenya and PesaChoice Rwanda complete pilot on blockchain
13-08-2018 12:10:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 4138 | Tags:

ImpalaPay Kenya and PesaChoice of Rwanda have successfully concluded pilot test of cross-border mobile money transfer on the stellar blockchain.

The pilot is the first successful project that can do end to end transactions, FIAT to Crypto and Crypto to Mobile.

Both ImpalaPay and PesaChoice run stellar nodes and are the building blocks for revolutionary financial services.

"The potential for eliminating high costs of transfers and enabling cross-border merchants to use digital payments to access both distant and global markets in a secure financial network is a great leap towards financial inclusion and market expansion to a sector that supports 45% of Africa's 1.2 billion population." Elsie Njane, the Chairperson of ImpalaPay Limited was quoted saying.