Galvanize extends HighBond regional cloud offering to Africa and South America with new AWS Regions
08-03-2021 13:32:18 | by: Nixon Kanali | hits: 2065 | Tags:

SaaS governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software provider Galvanize has announced that it now provides regional hosting in Africa and South America via local AWS Regions - AWS Africa (Cape Town) and AWS South America (São Paulo) Region respectively. This the company says demonstrates its commitment to its local partners and customers by supporting their data sovereignty requirements, and in particular ensuring compliance with POPIA in South Africa and LGPD in Brazil.

In addition to data sovereignty compliance, the AWS hosting environment provides customers and partners with numerous other benefits including top performance, the highest levels of security, low latency, continuous availability, and automatic fail-over, ensuring customers avoid having a critical service dependent on a single data centre.

“By offering regional hosting in Africa, Galvanize customers who are sensitive to data sovereignty will have the peace of mind that their data will remain in Africa at all times. They’ll also benefit from AWS’s world-class infrastructure and service. Having a Galvanize data-centre in Africa demonstrates Galvanize’s commitment to the continent and its loyal customers. This is another step closer to Africa’s adoption of cloud technology as a primary choice.” said Dino Carletti, Head of South Africa, Surtech (Galvanize partner)

“Organizations worldwide face a new era of risk and uncertainty as a result of the pandemic. By partnering with AWS, Galvanize ensures data sovereignty in Africa and South America to meet regulatory and compliance requirements. This gives global organizations a unified, automated platform for any and all GRC needs.” – Dan Zitting, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Galvanize

“Our investment in world class, locally provisioned AWS infrastructure demonstrates our continued commitment to providing a high-performance experience to our customers across Africa and South America. Data sovereignty is an extremely important issue for both our public and private sector clients, with in-country hosting often mandated for public and enterprise organisations. Galvanize is now one of the few global, cloud-based GRC enterprise software providers who provision their services in a locally hosted environment, ensuring data sovereignty and regulatory compliance.” Barnabas Chirombo, Head of Africa, Revival Holdings (Galvanize partner) said.

“This is an important and differentiating investment by Galvanize. Data sovereignty is a ‘must have’ customer requirement and being able to provide local hosting via AWS will give them confidence that these regulatory compliance priorities are being met by best-in-class infrastructure.” said Roberto Faria, Executive Director, Quality Nextech, Brazil.