[Cameroon] Bolloré Transport inks deal with Jumia to boost e-commerce
08-08-2018 08:58:34 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 3549 | Tags:

Bolloré Transport & Logistics has signed an agreement with Jumia, a company specialising in e-commerce, and the Cameroon Customs to facilitate e-commerce in Cameroon and contribute to its development.

This three-year protocol is part of the commitments made at the Customs-Business Forum

put in place at the initiative of the World Customs Organization (WCO) and already formalized by the partnership between Bolloré Transport & Logistics and the Customs administration in 2015.

Both companies will thus contribute to simplifying customs clearance procedures and optimising the level of customs revenue collection from online commerce.

Through this partnership, Bolloré Transport & Logistics, an African leader in integrated logistics, intends to contribute to boost Cameroon's economy and allow Jumia’s customers to access a wide range of products at a lower cost.

In particular, Bolloré Transport & Logistics will be responsible for presenting customs documents for all orders placed by Jumia's customers and the acquittal of customs duties and taxes with the administration. For its part, the Cameroon Customs will facilitate the customs clearance of parcels imported by Jumia both by air and by sea.