Azercosmos partners with CommsCarrier to bring internet services to government organizations in Africa
26-01-2023 14:34:00 | by: Marlene Mutimawase | hits: 2443 | Tags:

Azercosmos has signed a collaboration agreement on long-term projects with CommCarrier Satellite Services, the provider of satellite services in Kenya. Based on the agreement, internet services by Azerspace-2 satellite will be provided to government organizations in Kenya.

 It should be noted that the CommCarrier Company will serve its partners in the East and Central Africa region by means of the Ku band of the Azerspace-2 satellite.

"We are pleased that our satellite services are provided to governments and private institutions in the African region. CommCarrier is a reliable partner for the region, and we have already speeded up our work processes on promising business projects," said Fuad Aslanov, deputy chairman of Azercosmos.

 "Thanks to our cooperation with Azercosmos, the capabilities of the Azerpsace-2 satellite, especially in Central and East Africa, will give us the opportunity to successfully meet the growing demand of our customers," said Giri Babu, director of CommCarrier.