Africa-focused crypto company KoinKoin launches new exchange app
05-01-2023 08:19:00 | by: Nixon Kanali | hits: 2470 | Tags:

KoinKoin, the African-focused digital assets exchange, has launched a new app for retail traders to buy and sell digital currencies ultimately using local payment methods. The app intends to connect an even wider audience across the world with access to cryptocurrencies, to empower efficient cross-border remittance, trading and payments. 

KoinKoin Exchange offers instant liquidity in BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and a few others. The aim of the service is to connect users with direct access to deep liquidity in assets of their choice, and make super fast fiat settlements as necessary.

KoinKoin partnered with BitHolla, to provide deep liquidity from 40 major exchanges to ensure market orders are filled in fractions of a second. No other local exchange currently has this capability to make and take markets across the globe.

The app includes built-in security technology to ensure data is kept safe, and all digital assets are stored in a blockchain wallet offering high-grade security. The app maintains safety standards with multi-stage verification, and two-factor authentication security. KoinKoin also allows each user to earn USDT based digital tokens using its referrals program.

“The KoinKoin Exchange app marks a major push into the retail trading space for KoinKoin. We are pleased to have created an advanced smartphone application which is highly functional and super simplistic for one of the most straightforward user experiences in the digital assets trading app markets.'' Ola Atose, CEO and Founder of KoinKoin, comments. 

“This will make digital assets accessible to an even wider audience across the globe, such as in Emerging Markets, where cryptocurrency will not just be used as a store of value, but also as a means to empower fast and cost-effective cross-border payments,” he added. 

The KoinKoin Exchange app is available for download for free on the iOS app store and Google Store.