[Africa CEO Forum] Is Africa ready for working in the cloud?
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Is Africa ready for working in the cloud?


Rahmon Ojukotola,  Founder StartCredits: "Cloud computing has made a positive impact on development targets in Africa. The Cloud enables Africans to access storage capacity they would otherwise be unable to afford for free with services such as Google drive or Dropbox. Africa is ideally placed to benefit significantly from cloud computing, as most businesses are unburdened with legacy in-house servers, which was a hindrance to its adoption in Europe... read more

Christian Mahncke, Enterprise Development Manager Routed: "Research shows that 93% of South African companies are developing a cloud strategy, and are either in the implementation stage, or in the planning stage, of their cloud journey. The classic concept of moving your DR into the cloud has grown in popularity with the majority of businesses understanding the logic of moving non-strategic administration into the cloud, relieving key personal of onerous tasks and giving them the ability to focus on their actual business. The challenge, identified by Routed, is that these same people fail to recognise that it should be DR in addition to other strategic elements and not as opposed to... read more

Maria Auma, CEO of Blue Luxury Investments: "At the 2017 World Economic Forum held in Durban, South Africa – Winnie Byanyima Executive Director of Oxfam International is quoted saying “Unprecedented economic growth has bypassed millions of Africans”. But I believe the cloud is one step in the right direction to counter-act that. Africa has the oldest economic history in the world. It is common knowledge that humans originated from Africa, but not so common is the knowledge that the first trade routes and economic systems were birthed in Africa from the exchange of different kinds of metals and shells... read more

Ricardo Flores, Senior Regional Manager SADC Applications Oracle: "Botswana is ideally poised to benefit from the opportunities that cloud computing provides with internet penetration hovering at approximately 28 percent and the number of mobile subscribers showing more than 2,000 percent growth from 2000 to 2011. Botswana government is committed to developing the country and looking for more efficient and modern ways to service its citizens... read more

John Enoh, Founder of Nigerian fintech and VoIP company BeepTool Communications: "Electronic payment is an emerging form of payment within the fintech industry and has become one of the most popular payment forms in Africa. The drive of the industry is the speed and simplicity of opening new accounts, recruit new merchants and customers. The E-payment boundaries are limited by the connectivity boundaries and respectively the strength of the connectivity directly affects the quality and dependability of the E-payment solutions coverage in Africa... read more

Benjamin Coetzer, Director Routed: "Cloud is coming into its own. Forrester says that public cloud platforms, business services, and applications will reach $236B by 2020. With cloud spending predicted to be six times that of IT spending over the same period, a cloud strategy is how companies will innovate faster and more cost effectively... read more



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