Nasdaq and Nigeria Stock Exchange sign new trading technology agreement

12-20-2018 | 13:05:29
Nasdaq and The Nigerian Stock Exchange have announced that NSE will continue leveraging Nasdaq’s matching engine technology for its equities and fixed income markets.

[South Africa] Digital entrants are game-changers in SA’s banking industry, PwC

12-20-2018 | 11:10:12
South Africa’s banking sector is increasingly moving towards a ‘marketplace without boundaries’, shaped by the fast-approaching entry of new digital players.

Western Union partners with TerraPay to expand payout options to Mobile Wallets across Africa

12-20-2018 | 07:22:49
Western Union has announced a new partnership with TerraPay to enable mobile wallet and bank account payout options across Africa.

[South Africa] Naspers leads US$540 million investment in edtech company BYJU’S

12-20-2018 | 06:57:38
Naspers, a global internet and entertainment group headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa has led a combination primary and secondary US$540 million investment in edtech company BYJU’S.

[South Africa] Naspers to launch secondary listing on A2X exchange

12-20-2018 | 06:47:21
Naspers has announced that its shares have been approved for inclusion in the list of qualifying equity securities to be traded on A2X with effect from 27 December 2018.

[South Africa] MTN Group announces executive appointments

12-20-2018 | 06:12:29
MTN Group has made several new executive appointments, including the position of Chief Technology & Information Officer and Executive for Corporate Services & Sustainability.

[Kenya] Sanitary products’ dispenser startup YZ-ME International wins 1M seed capital from Sinapis

12-20-2018 | 05:35:00
Sanitary products vending startup YZ-ME International has won a 1 million shillings capital injection from Sinapis Organisation. The startup won the capital during the Sinapis business pitching competition held in Nairobi this month.

Internet connectivity slowing down pay TV growth in Africa

12-19-2018 | 12:01:05
The internet has really changed how people do business around the world. Its efficiency and convenience are beneficial to almost every industry. The pay TV sector being one of them.

Yahsat and Hughes form joint venture to deliver satellite broadband services in Africa

12-19-2018 | 08:22:00
Yahsat and Hughes Network Systems have entered into a joint venture to provide commercial Ka-band satellite broadband services across Africa, the Middle East and southwest Asia.

[South Africa] MTN implements first phase of new ICASA data regulations

12-19-2018 | 07:16:00
MTN is implementing the first phase new data regulations as required by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA).

[Kenya] Tuskys launches an online retail portal

12-19-2018 | 07:01:03
Kenyan Retailer Tusker Mattresses, has registered its footprint in the cyberspace with the launch of a dedicated online store.

Senegal to build sustainable digital economy with World Bank support

12-19-2018 | 06:07:55
The World Bank Board of Directors has approved a $180 million International Development Association (IDA) credit to support Senegal’s efforts to enhance the policy and institutional framework.

EU and Mauritius step up partnership on climate change

12-19-2018 | 05:57:32
The Government of Mauritius and the EU have held a High Level Policy Dialogue on Climate Change to discuss how to bring their partnership in climate change to the next level.

UNICEF Innovation Fund invests $100k into Tunisia’s startup Utopixar

12-19-2018 | 05:32:09
Utopixar, a Tunisian startup set to deliver a social collaboration tool for communities and organisations has received up to $100,000 from UNICEF to improve the lives of the country’s most vulnerable children.

[Ghana] Esoko enhaces farmers communication, bolstering markets

12-18-2018 | 07:53:00
Esoko, a Ghanaian technology firm is empowering farmers to get better prices for their products one text message at a time, connecting them directly with the traders.