[Webinar] Make the Most of Your SAP HANA Investment on Google Cloud
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Learn how to make the most of your
SAP HANA investment

Tuesday, 10 November | 4 PM EAT

Incentro | HYCU | SoftConsult

For many companies today, maintaining a robust IT-infrastructure that includes terabytes of data to protect on SAP HANA, while balancing the need to reduce costs and simplify IT-management, can be challenging. For HYCU and Google Cloud Partner Incentro, there are ways to manage and protect without breaking the bank.

As a proud partner, we’ll be hosting a webinar to take you through HYCU on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

In this interactive session, learn how:

  • Tightly integrated Backend support for SAP HANA can provide significant cost-savings with consistent, point-in-time recovery

  • HYCU’s customizable policies can provide flexibility and simplicity for quick time to disaster recovery and clone

  • Having centralized management and enhanced user interface provides the best for both SAP and backup admins


Join our free webinar and learn how to ensure your data, applications, and VMs are secure.

The webinar will be given in English.

Join Incentro’s webinar about Make the Most of Your SAP HANA Investment on Google Cloud with HYCU.

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