[Startup Interview] Peter Mwangi: CEO, Konectify Technologies, Kenya
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Peter Mwangi is the CEO of Konectify Technologies a startup providing cloud-based solutions in Kenya

Can you please introduce your company?

Konectify Technologies Limited is a Kenyan startup specializing in software engineering and development of custom web and mobile solutions with a key focus on cloud-based web solutions.

What would you say gives your company a competitive edge?

Instead of focusing only on digital marketing as many other firms do we strive to create products that offer all-round practical value to our clients. Towards this end, our team comprises of a lawyer, a digital marketing strategist, a UX/UI front-end developer, back-end engineers and cloud engineer. And we combine the expertise of all these professionals to offer holistic services.

Who are Konectify Technologies Limited clients?

  • Entrepreneurs/innovators looking to launch innovative digital/software solutions but do not have programming and development expertise.

  • Organizations looking for custom solutions to unique challenges such as donor/volunteer management for an NGO or a secure communication and file sharing channel for corporates.

  • Organizations that want to migrate to the cloud to improve the performance of their web applications, enterprise systems, websites etc.

  • Organizations in need of enterprise systems to automate their operations, fully custom websites, mobile apps etc.

What are the ambitions of the company going forward?

To become one of Africa’s premier technology conglomerates with our own software and web solutions for different sectors. We are currently working on three innovations, Popin: a solution for event organizers, eateries clubs and restaurants, Malkia: for the wedding industry, and KonfrenceMe for businesses).

How has the market responded to your technology products and services?

The market has responded positively, as we have realized many organizations have unique challenges that they don’t know can be solved by using modern digital technologies.

How is the competition in the mobile app and web design space? How are you insulating yourselves from the competition?

The mobile and web design space is quite competitive especially since there are many freelance developers who are cheap and use third-party web builders such as Wordpress, Joomla, Magneto etc. We have positioned ourselves as a company that invests in Research & Development to build digital solutions with practical business value as opposed to developing generic web and mobile apps for just for the sake of having an online presence.

Africa has many talented programmers, database engineers, and developers because computer science was once a high priority in some educational systems. But the design and web-based side has been neglected for too long, and often, why is that so and is that still the case?

In our experience most talented programmers who mostly work as freelancers have poor design and UX/UI skills and are best suited to back-end engineering, thus most neglect the design and UX/UI aspect.

What are some of the cloud-based solutions you develop for your clients?

  • Custom Internal communication and file sharing platforms

  • E-commerce solutions

  • Custom Content Management Software

What is the latest news from your company?

In partnership with another startup, Three Dots Financial solutions we will be launching an event ticketing and table reservation platform dubbed Popin on Feb 14th 2019.


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