[Startup Interview] Mbuyoti Chola, Managing Director, DigitalBlue Media, Zambia
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Mbuyoti Chola is the Managing Director of DigitalBlue Media Limited, a Zambian-based new media startup.

Tell us about your company?

DigitalBlue Media Limited is a  Zambian Media Agency Company with a global outlook, dully and fully registered as Limited liability company by shares in accordance with the laws of Zambia in March 2018. Since inception, we have continued to deliver value to our clients and achieve results.

Our services range from Social media management, Online advertising, Creative design and advertising for any media ranging from Outdoor billboards & Airport advertising, TV, Radio, Newspaper and magazines among others. Our mission is to provide world-class standard products and services with professionalism while being pocket friendly and customer focused.

Where is it located?

We are located at the heart of Zambia’s capital city Lusaka.

Who are your clients?

We have serviced different clients ranging from startups to large corporates. However our focus is to help start-ups and SMEs succeed by increasing their visibility and online brand positioning.

What are your company’s unique selling points?

Our main selling point has been value creation for our client through  long term partnerships that give our customers access to a number of benefits such as free creative designs, social media marketing support and discounts on media purchases.

How has the market responded to your services?

From inception, we have received overwhelming response in the market ranging from how we uniquely deliver our services, to brand position in the market. So far we have been appreciated and continue to increase our customer base through referrals. We also have a high customer retention rate, a symbol of excellent service delivery.

What are your plans moving forward?

As a startup company that is leaving a mark in the the industry, our plan is to be consistent and give more value to our clients than in our first year. We plan to foster more strategic partnerships that will give our clients more value for their money while pushing us for growth.

What does your company need to grow and prosper?

Before anything else, our growth is dependent on our service delivery to our clients. We need more happy clients to grow. I believe if our clients succeed through our services, we will definitely also succeed. One of our values is relationship building.

We think growth is easier achieved with collaboration and partnership by building long term strategic partnerships with our clients and other companies in the industry whose services we can leverage on in order to give more value.

 However, in order to grow exponentially as a company, we need more invetment into the company as our vision is to be a one of the leading companies in Zambia and Southern Africa in Digital marketing, Advertsing, Multi media, Print and supply of Computers & Office equipments and media tools.

What are the new developments from your company?

On our path to expansion, we have decided to go into the supply of high tech computers, office equipment and other appliances targeting companies. We are currently also working on an online newsletter as one of our publications and advertising platfoms. We have quite a number of other products and services for later execution.

Who should contact you and why?

We are always prepared to hear from everyone: Start-up, SMEs and large companies. Most importantly, we would be glad to also hear from investors seeking to invest in the media industry in Zambia and Southern Africa and partners wishing to extend their products or services to us. We are always looking forwad to strategic partnerships.



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