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[Startup Interview] Joe Maina, CEO, Matrixoft Data Solutions, Kenya

[Startup Interview] Joe Maina, CEO, Matrixoft Data Solutions, Kenya

For the last six years, Joe Maina has built Matrixoft Data Solutions to address clients’ pain points by leveraging on technology. With a key focus on startups, Matrixoft Data Solutions has positioned itself as  the premier provider of innovation driven consultancy services.

He talked to Africa Business Communities about the company’s philosophy and drive, the market’s response to their services and the resolve to tackle some of the most biting problems including unemployment and housing through tech.

Introduce Matrixoft Data Solutions and your role in it

Matrixoft Data Solutions is a company that I started in 2013, the main purpose was to address the pain points of our clients by leveraging on technology. Here i am Chief Executive and my main role is to get the best deals that yield the most value and negotiate for the ultimate desired outcome.

Why was the company created, and to what extent is it achieving its purpose?

When starting off, the main focus was addressing common day to day problems using technology. However as the years have progressed, new patterns have emerged where the focus has shifted to. By this i mean leveraging on the startups and trying to assist them in meeting their desired objectives through the use of technology.

Who are your clients?

Our target clients mostly are the startups. There is so much potential for consultancy services in this segment. We hope that we can eventually be prioritized as the go-to guys on matters startups. However we do have some mainstream clients as well.

What do you consider your greatest selling points?

Authenticity. Value for money. Affordability. Transformation and Leverage.

How has the market responded to your services?

The few interactions i have had with some clients have been quite positive. It is always good to receive good feedback in everything you do, even if its in the form of appreciation of the agenda you are pushing. Good feedback keeps you going and helps in tying up loose ends if any.

What are the biggest threats to Matrixoft Data Solutions?

Some of our propositions for our services dont fit the market well either because they are ahead of their time thus need allocation of more resources to bring the value home. As you know, resources are very scarce especially for relatively young companies. However we manage to the best of our capability not to swim into the deep end.

One of your flagship innovations is ConnectMe App. What does it seek to address and to what is the latest update on its uptake?

The app seeks to address the unemployment crisis we have in the society. This is just but our own little way of playing a part in seeking active solutions to growing concerns. We are in the process of negotating for good value propositions and key partnerships before we can do the official launch for the app.

What kind of collaborations do you expect and need for Matrixoft Data Solutions to succeed?

I wish for Matrixoft to always be paired with like minded individuals who understand the need for a better way of taking care of the society. Partnerships that are geared towards growth not only for the interest of the company but also for the community in general.

What can you say about the targets, plans and ambitions of the company for 2019?

We hope to have full rollout of the ConnectMe flagship to the mainstream market and gain good market share on the same.

Any new developments from your company?

We are working on formulating strategic incentives for dealing with the growing regional concern that is affordable housing.

Who should contact you and why?

I try my level best to be as open to communication as i can,  always keen to hear new ideas or approaches of handling things as well as exchanging my thoughts on the same, i would say the best to contact me are startups, for consulting so that we can understand their business models, establish sustainability in the models or lack thereof and ultimately pair them with relevant networks once ready for scaling.


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