[Startup Interview] George Ugwuja, Founder, CapitalPower Multimedia, Nigeria
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CapitalPower Multimedia Ltd is a Nigeria-based multimedia startup whose core services include photography, videography, documentary production, drone services, animation, graphic design and prints.

George Ugwuja the founder talked to Africa Business Communities about the startup’s model and plans to capture the expansive Nigeria multimedia market that serves over 200 million people.

Tell us about CapitalPower Multimedia Ltd and your role in it

CapitalPower Multimedia Ltd is a Multimedia company registered with Corporate affairs Commission Nigeria on the 6th of September 2019.

The primary aim of the company is to provide innovative media services such as photography, videography, documentary production, drone services, animation, graphic design and prints. We discovered a gap where most of the companies operating in this sector either specialize only on photography or videography or design & prints so we made a plan to consolidate all these services in one office to create a value chain and to drive the market using 21 century business solutions.

Capitalpower Multimedia Ltd is one of the first indeginous company in Nigeria where you can book for your shoot by just filling a form in our website and in less than an hour, you will get a call back. We are taking advantage of our good knowldge of IT to leverage on the wider client base fort he services that we render

. As the founder of CapitalPower Multimedia Ltd, i saw a need to utilize my over 17 years experience in this sector to setup a company that will truely lead in this niche and so far, i have been the senior producer leading the production team to accomplish different projects that come through our wide internet publicity including facebook and Google my Business AD sponsorship.

Why was the company formed and to what extent is it achieving its purpose?

CapitalPower Multimedia Ltd was formed to lead in the Multimedia sector in Nigeria and so far, we have got the attention of UN agencies and local clients who express satisfaction on our delivery and communications skills. We are not where we want to be but in less than one year, we are already calling the shots in this sector.

Who are your clients and how has the market responded to your services?

Our clients include development organizations who hire us for their end of project documentaries, families who hire us for their marriage and event photo and video coverage, invitation card design and prints, fliers and poster, real estate companies who hire us to drone map their facilities and to produce high definition photos and videos they use for estate publicity and sales.

They respond exactly the way we expected because i was already a leading hand in these sectors before starting up CapitalPower so they feel more comfortable now dealing with a corporate entity than when we render the services as individuals.

What trends are shaping the media industry in Nigeria at the moment? Why do you think this is so?

The Media industry now has expanded in Nigeria, Drone technology has enhanced our shots to an extent that anyone who wants Documentary services wants you to shoot drone esterbs.

Clients are also asking for 4K resolution images so we are a little bit under pressure to acquire 4K camera equipments and tools. Online adertising has also changed the way clients come. Unlike before, they will walk into your office to discuss and view your previous projects but the town is busy no wonder most clients stay at the comfort of their houses and offices to search for the services they want in the internet and to contact us to come over for discussion so we are puting proccesses in place to rank high in search engines and index good search keywords that will attract clients to our websites and profiles in the internet space

What is the biggest threat or challenge to your business?

The biggest challenge to our business and that of 80% of the startups here in Nigeria is poor government policies that do not encourage startup. No grants, no bank loans, no investors. For instance, we get alot of calls from international mainstream media asking us for footage of breakning news and lifestyles but we cannot afford to buy Canon C300 which most of them recommend for the shoot. Sometimes we have to rent the equipment thereby completely limiting our chances of making proper profits

What kind of collaboration do you expect and need for CapitalPower Multimedia Ltd to succeed?

What we need is partners and investors. For instance, we have a plan to establish CapitalPower Multimedia in four states across Nigeria where we are having good inflow of clients but we do not have local investors who are willing to invest. We have created a value chain and client base already a one stop office where you can walk in, shoot your prewedding photo, design your card and gift branding, print, pay in advance for your wedding photo and video coverage, and be rest assured that the team is experienced enough to deliver on any project.

We have over 50 completed project samples already which makes it possible for us to convince almost every client that we have the experience and best practice to do the job but we still lack equipments to deploy crew in many events in one day. Its only through investors that we can expand. We already have the market.

What are the targets, plans and ambitions of CapitalPower Multimedia Ltd in 2020?

Our plan for this year is to buy enough equipment to be able to shoot in ten different events in one day. Once we have all the equipments we need. We will make NI million Naira in one day and that is our 2020 benchmark.

What is the latest news from CapitalPower Multimedia Ltd?

We have started rendering drone mapping services for construction companies and government agencies. We have purchased liscences from dronedeploy and now we have introduced this new service into the list of our services and it is already yeilding us extra revenue.

Who should contact you and why?

We want international mainstream and online media companies to know that we are now more reliable since we aquired our new 4K drones and cameras, we are very familiar with FTP and wetransfer upload so we urge them to rely on us for all their footage needs in Nigeria. We are also calling on investors to contact us and invest in CapitalPower, the multimedia industry in Nigeria is a huge market serving over 200 million people so there can never be loss for those that commit to the niche we have already created.



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